Get Involved By Amy winchell

Get Involved

You might not think you can do sports but you're capable of anything. If you want to get involved in a sport you might need to try new things. Like if you really want to play softball and softball season is over but you really want to play a sport you might need to do gymnastics or basketball. Another, way you can get involved is to make new friends and work hard for what you're doing. When you work hard for it you're going to get better at the sport. Then when you make friends it can be fun but you can learn good sportsmanship. Also, when you play a sport you can get active and be more healthy because you're moving around a lot. Sometimes you may have to work a little harder than you think when youré playing a sport.

Jump In

You want to do basketball softball gymnastics swimming volleyball any sport go ahead and start. But on one condition you have to ask somebody such a the coach of the sport and ask them can I play. Or if it through a program ask you parents to take you to the building and there you sign up ,but with your parents permission.Then they will tell you where to go and get signed up then you can jump right in! Now of to the basics.!

Go head and jump in!

Keep it or Lose it

When you start a sport you may need to keep things or lose them. What I mean is that if you play a sport you may need to give up other things. For example, if you play video games all night sorry that's not going to happen on nights that your sport event is going on. Things that you might get to keep is a couple of minutes of TV after your homework is done. When you play a sport you have a lot of responsibilities. What I mean is always make sure you homework is done or making sure that you did all your chores. Also, things like did I remember all things for softball or gymnastics or basketball or whatever sport you play.

What are you going to have privilege of?

New Kid

Say you're the new kid in a sport are you going to know anybody? No of course not but you're going to want to make friends so a way you could do it is you can introduce yourself or you can cheer the person that's doing something but needs a little cheering. When you do that the person is going to know you're going to be good friend. Also, say there was nobody cheering anybody on in the game if you're the first one to do it one it's good sportsmanship and it's the right thing to do.

Don´t be shy make new friends!

Fun Facts

Did you know Did you know that the first sport ever made was sprinting and wrestling? Did you know the first person sport was laser tag?


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