Rule the British ClaudiuS

Dear citizens,

It is time to rule Britain. The Roman soldiers are ready. Our life’s depend on this .

The things they have!

They have everything we want silver, gold, lead, leather,iron and much more goods. Do you want your youngens so thin you can see ther bones? No you don’t , so why don’t you start and follow me too the top. They have perfect soil to grow yummy crops on, they have slaves to do our house work.

More coins!

Do you want more coins .Britan provides all the materials to make coins. If you want this come and chase it .


We are ready ! We train everyday. We have failed but we have a new tactic . We have new armer, swords, helmets, daggers, chained mail and more.


We need revenge on the Celts show them who’s boss. Boudica will have to see who’s the powerfullst . Revengggggge



Created with images by Skitterphoto - "julius caesar roman" • DEZALB - "egypt aswan philae" • Hans - "money coins chocolate taler" • ArtCoreStudios - "gladiator warrior gear weapons arena roman history" • skeeze - "helmet soldier roman armor fourth century antiquity" • rmac8oppo - "spears shields sculpture"

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