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I'm Craig Brimm, Creative Director, Art Director & Graphic Designer. Over the past 15 years my multidisciplinary work has included digital, television, OOH, and instore. I specialize in leading creative teams to dynamic results. My experience ranges from high-end exclusive brands to everyday mom and kid friendly products. I've worked in Digital, Mobile, Social Media, Content, Retail, and Radio advertising.

My roles have involved developing strategy, collaboration between departments and agencies, and orchestrating projects to beautiful finishes. I have extensive experience in CD, AD, and CW roles. I've worked with major brands such as L'Oreal, P&G, Pantene, Revlon, Creme of Nature, AT&T, Ford Motor Company, MINI USA, Burger King, KFC, Levi's, and Coca-Cola.

Print and video content for Miele Organics: I was in charge of creating and executing a print and video content campaign for Mielle Organics. The video was a mini-documentary for the launch of Mielle's Tinies & Tots line. We focused on the childhood challenges of new moms. We highlighted the difference and the ease brought into today's haircare for children. And how Mielle can help.
I created a full campaign for ORS' Curls Unleash brand. They wanted to do a full push on their digital character 'Aiya.' So we worked on creating a complete look, feel, design, and attitude for the brand. Executions included social media, video content, and print.
Broadcast television spots for AT&T
AT&T Secret Meeting - Online Content
I was part of a two-person team that ran Burger King's Facebook page for a year. We were in charge of planning out the calendar for the over 7MM likes page. Also, creating concepts and executing small fast turnaround artwork for the daily post.
El Paso Water Utility online content

El Paso Water Utility

The Whole Place Identity
Complete digital, environmental, and traditional branding for The Whole Place. A new kind of total wellness and fitness center.
Coca-Cola projects. .
Coca-Cola Company

I've worked at agencies such as Sanders\Wingo Advertising, JWT, Nomenudum, and MLT Creative. In 2001 I founded Culture Advertising Design. A boutique shop that enjoyed a robust ten year run and we still take on projects when time permits. Over those ten years I won great accounts, formed great relationships and was successful in leading award-winning design and advertising teams.

Cadillac: Art of Daring native content campaign for Ebony Magazine

In addition to an 18-year advertising career I'm also a blogger. In 2009 l created a blog with a budget of zero dollars and no press. Through careful planning and strategy, the blog received tons of earned attention and over 2,000,000 hits. My now defunct blog became a multiple award winning blog. The blog garnered mentions and stories in several nation advertising trade magazines and online publications like Agency Spy, Print Mag Online, HOW and Advertising Age.

Top: 2016 International Black Self-Care Day poster. Mid left: branding for fine artist Danté. Mid right: AT&T print ad. Bottom: Pantene Advertorial for Ebony Magazine. Click to enlarge.
L'Oreal / P&G / Revlon

Ive done work in he Health and Beauty Industry. Package design in-store display, and POS. I began working with P&G's Pantene in 1999. Since then my work has extended to brands such as L'Oreal's Fructis, Dark n' Lovely, Revlon, and Creme of Nature to name a few.

L'Oreal, Revlon Package Design
Logos & Graphics

Graphic design is where my career started and still where I find a lot of inspiration and enjoyment. Logo design, package design, and graphics are all categories where I've won several design awards and industry acknowledgement.

Graphic design and logo work. Click to enlarge.
Thank you.
This represents a snapshot of my skills and experience. If you'd like to see more of a certain category or discuss any topic in depth I can be reached by email at Thank you for your time.
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