Puerto Rico By Keith Gomez



  • The island is located in the Caribbean, between the Caribbean Se and the North Atlantic Ocean, east of the Dominican Republic, about 1,000 miles southeast of Miami, Florida.
  • The climate of Puerto Rico falls into the tropical climatic zone. Temperatures are moderate year round, averaging near 80 °F in lower elevations and 70 °F in the mountains.


  • Land in agriculture: 51.9%
  • Agricultural population density: 713 persons per sq km
  • Total agricultural workers: 36,000
  • Agricultural workers: 3%
  • Plants: Sugar, Fruits, Plantains, Bananas, Vegetables, Oranges, Coffee, Papayas, Yams, Cassavas, Lemons, Limes, Cereal, & Rice.
  • Animals: Chickens, Cattle, Pigs, Horses, Goats, Mules, & Asses.


  • Arroz con gandules
  • Garbanzos


  • http://thelatinkitchen.com/r/recipe/coquito-cupcakes
  • http://thelatinkitchen.com/r/recipe/wilo-benets-ham-pineapple-sauce-jamon-con-pina
  • http://thelatinkitchen.com/r/recipe/easy-black-pepper-chicharrones


  1. The Place
  2. El ChurryR
  3. Kasalta
  4. El cuñao
  5. 1919


  • January 1st New Year Año Nuevo
  • January 6 Epiphany or Three Kings Day Día de Reyes
  • January 11 Birthday of Eugenio María de Hostos Nacimiento de Eugenio María de Hostos
  • 3rd Monday in February President’s Day Día de los Presidentes
  • March 22 Emancipation Day Día de la Emancipación
  • Friday Before Easter Good Friday Viernes Santo
  • April 16 Birthday of José de Diego Natalicio de José de Diego
  • Last Monday of May Memorial Day Recordatorio de los Muertos de la Guerra
  • July 4 Independence Day Día de la Independencia de Los Estados Unidos
  • July 15 Birthday of Don Luis Muñoz Rivera Natalicio de Don Luis Muñoz Rivera
  • July 25 Constitution Day Constitución del Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico
  • July 27 Birthday of Dr. José Celso Barbosa Nacimiento del Dr. José Celso Barbosa
  • First Monday in September Labor Day Día del Trabajo
  • Second Monday in October Colombus Day Día de la Raza/Descubrimiento de América
  • November 11 Veterans Day Día de los Veteranos/Día del Armisticio
  • November 19 Discovery of Puerto Rico Día del Descubrimiento de Puerto Rico
  • Fourth Thursday in November Thanksgiving Día de Acción de Gracias
  • December 24 Christmas Eve Nochebuena
  • December 25 Christmas Day Navidad
  • December 28 Day of the Innocents Día de los Inocentes
  • December 31 New Year’s Eve

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