Bringing Magic to the Community By Kaitlin walton

A Moment of Magic is an registered student organization at Western Michigan University. The main thing the RSO does is going to childrens hospitals in Southwest Michigan dressed as Disney and Marvel characters. "We bring joy to families who may have lost that feeling or magic along the journeys they're going through," said Taylor Cochran who has been apart of the organization for four years. On Sept. 28, 2019 they attended the Superhero 5k in Portage, Mich. which supported the Kalamazoo Child Abuse and Neglect Council. The group cheered on the participating families and handed out medals to the children who crossed the finish line.

As an ice breaker AMOM played sharks and minnows
Nikki Allen, Claire Hamlin, Bryar Brooks and Maggie DeCeuninck perform their no words skit in front of the group at their second meeting of the year.
On Sept. 26, 2019 at their second meeting of the year the organization brought back "Person of the Week" where they choose someone who is working hard and everyone writes them notes of encouragement.
Captain America and Violet from the Incredibles stood at the finish line to hand the children running in the Superhero 5k their medals.
Princess Charlotte from Princess and the Frog and Kirsten Bessette stood to the sidelines of the race, greeting the kids along their run.
Taylor Cochran and Snow White stood on the sidelines of the Superhero 5k making faces at some of the runners.
Maggie DeCeuninck described to the group her experiences with children who do not recognize her character, and how she handles herself in those situations.