Protectors of Progress

If you’re looking for a dose of motivation, look no further. We’re launching a series about action. 2019 will be a pivotal year for advancing global progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). From achieving zero hunger to protecting life on land, the SDGs offer a roadmap toward a more prosperous, peaceful, and healthier future. That’s why every month, we’re going to highlight the stories of everyday individuals across the globe who are stepping up in their communities to help realize the promise of the SDGs. These are today’s #ProtectorsofProgress, and they are moving the world forward even in times of division and challenge.

Nominate a Protector of Progress

Do you know a Protector of Progress? Whether it’s a friend, family member, colleague, or someone in your community who inspires you, we want to feature their story!

Email cgreen@unfoundation.org and maltman@unfoundation.org with their name, location, and a short description of what they’re doing to drive progress on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Submissions can be sent to: Chandler Green (cgreen@unfoundation.org) and MJ Altman (maltman@unfoundation.org)



When Abner first learned about climate change, he was scared.

But he quickly turned to action.

Now at just 10 years old, Abner has written over 100 letters to elected officials about the biggest threat facing his generation.

Learn more: http://bit.ly/2MjVLPf

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10-year-old Abner shows us how to stand up for progress on climate action.

He’s written every single governor about joining the U.S. Climate Alliance, a group of 25 governors dedicated to meeting the targets of the Paris Agreement on climate change. http://bit.ly/31iTpED

Rapelang Rabana


Tweet 1: Meet Rapelang Rabana, she's a:

👩🏿‍💼Successful tech entrepreneur

👩🏿‍💻An advocate for women of color in STEM,

💪🏿And a Protector of Progress

Discover her success story and her fight for gender equality in tech: http://bit.ly/2LRxmBt


Tweet 2:

Rapelang Rabana knows she’s not your “typical” computer scientist. The Botswana-born South African wants to see more women of color like her pursuing careers in #STEM.

Discover why she one of @UNFoundation's #ProtectorsOfProgress: http://bit.ly/2LRxmBt

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“The stereotype of a computer science degree is that you’re in a lab with lots of white males with glasses.”

Meet the new face of tech. 👇🏿👩🏿‍💻http://bit.ly/2LQor3t


Manyang Reath Kher


Tweet 1: Despite losing everything at 3 years old, Manyang wanted to give back.

This #WorldRefugeeDay, discover how @manyang08 started @734Coffee, a coffee business that supports refugees with job & scholarship opportunities: http://bit.ly/31Kg12g


Tweet 2: Manyang lived in refugee camps for 13 years, after losing his home to a brutal civil war.

Now, @manyang08 honors his friends & family through coffee ☕. Learn how @734Coffee supports refugees with job & scholarships: http://bit.ly/31Kg12g

#ProtectorsofProgress #WorldRefugeeDay

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Manyang lived in refugee camps for 13 years, after losing his home to a brutal civil war.

Now, he honors his friends & family through coffee ☕. Learn how @734Coffee supports refugees with job & scholarships: http://bit.ly/2L2VvUG

#ProtectorsofProgress #WorldRefugeeDay

Ruth Miller


Tweet 1: As a member of the Dena’ina Athabascan tribe of Alaska, Ruth Miller was raised to understand how human rights and her heritage intersect with the landscape around her.

Learn how she’s standing up for #ClimateAction and how you can join her. #ProtectorsofProgress https://bit.ly/2VZgBWD

Tweet 2: Ruth Miller of @UNAUSA knows that indigenous rights are environmental rights.

From standing up for #ClimateAction in her own community to raising her voice at the @UN, learn how she’s protecting progress and the planet. #ProtectorsofProgress https://bit.ly/2VZgBWD

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Indigenous rights are environmental rights.

Meet Ruth Miller and learn how you can stand with indigenous communities who have always been at the forefront of climate justice. https://bit.ly/2VZgBWD #ProtectorsofProgress


Tweet 1: As a nurse,

as a teacher,

as a mother,

as an advocate,

Felisa is dedicated to showing everyone that #VaccinesWork & save lives: http://bit.ly/2HXmb8i


Tweet 2: Amid deadly #measles outbreaks across the globe, advocates like Felisa are standing up for vaccines.

Discover how Felisa uses her voice & her experience as a nurse to protect progress on global health: http://bit.ly/2HXmb8i



Post 1: As a young nurse in Mexico, Felisa fought to save children’s lives.

Today, she continues the fight as a vaccine advocate & @ShotAtLife champion to protect children from preventable diseases: http://bit.ly/2HXmb8i


Post 2: Felisa may be small, but her voice is mighty.

She’s met with members and staffers of Congress more than 200 times to defend funding for global vaccines.

Discover why she is one of our #ProtectorsofProgress: http://bit.ly/2HXmb8i


Tweet 1: Meet Eva.

She’s raised more than $13,000 for girls’ education, helped passed a law to support education for refugees, & testified before Congress.

Oh, and she’s 16 years old: http://bit.ly/2SisHXX



Meet 16-year-old Eva from Hood River, Oregon. She’s a gender equality advocate who shows us that progress is possible -- even in challenging times.

Learn her story: http://bit.ly/2SisHXX



Social Copy: Eva didn’t consider herself an “advocate.” But her passions for #genderequality & education led this 16-year-old from Hood River, Oregon to testify on Capitol Hill.

Learn how Eva went to Washington: http://bit.ly/2SisHXX