France by: kylee clariday

Physical features


This is the French Alphabet.

Tourist Attractions

This is The Louvre, it is a famous tourist attraction and holds some of the greatest works of art in history.
This is the Eiffel Tower, it is also a famous tourist attraction and a very famous place to propose marriage.


The French have a Roman Catholic Religion.


This is Pot-au-feu it is made of boiled beef and vegetables. This is the national food of France.


The national sport of France is football (soccer), France has brought home one world cup.



This is Bourree Dancing, it is a popular dance in France.


This is a Beret, it is a french hat that most people wear.


These are some apartments in the city of France.


This is Francois Hollande the president of France.


This is Josephine Baker, she was a famous singer. She was born in St. Louis MO and died in Paris France at the age of 69.
This is Celine Dion, she is also a famous singer she is now 48 years old.
This is Andre the Giant he was born in France and he died in France as well at the age of 47. He was a famous wrestler and acted in a few movies and shows.
This is David Guetta, he is a famous DJ and has many songs today. To this day he is now 49 years old.
This is Eva Green, she is a 36 year old French actor.

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