Daydreams By jessie Brandon

As she looked up in the black sky above her she saw the familiar constellations, the bear, fish, and the dove. The chill of the cool breeze and the feeling of being watched with those deep green eyes sent a shiver down her spine. She tightened the cloak around himself and clutched her dagger even nearer. Even if she was a slave to him she did not have to like it. As she looked back at the man she belonged to, Alex he said his name was, she could see his gaze flutter away from her and have a sudden interest in the back of his horse’s head. He would have been tall if he had been standing up; he had dark hair and a handsome face. Dressed as a wanderer, with a hooded cape and sword strapped to his side. She knew little about him except that he and herself shared the same God, Jesus, and that he had bought her off the black market that morning and already they had been chased after three times. She still did not know why he had bought her she was not as pretty as some of the other girls. It was not that she wasn’t pretty she was it was just that she didn’t catch the eye of most men. A sudden gust of wind blew her curly auburn hair across her shoulder and into her hazel eyes.

“Alena, there is no need to be scared of me, I have no wish to hurt you” he said in a deep whisper. She jumped at his voice; she had not heard him approach.

“Well that is most assuring” she stated, her voice dripping with sarcasm. His laugh was loud and welcomed in the stillness of the woods.

“You are a fighter, I like that” he said in a teasing but soft tone. As he rode ahead of her she felt her heartbeat soften and and the excitement, that filled her every time he was near, dye down. she hated herself for letting him stere her emotions like that, she had never let anyone man or woman get to know her enough to hurt her. She had learned to put up walls a long time ago and this man, whoever he was, was tearing them down. She wanted not to think of him, not to notice he’s handsome face, or the smile in his dark green eyes, but she couldn’t.she was mad at herself for not noticing those things but in a way she was more mad that he did not notice her as much as she noticed him.

After a little while they stopped to make camp near a cave which, she assumed, they would be sleeping in. As Alex started the fire she tied up the horse and started to collect more wood for the fire. She stood at the edge of a little stream, she was not aware of Alex coming up behind her and when she turned around he was so close she almost fell in the stream but he caught her just in time. As she looked up in his eyes all she could think of is how safe she in his armes and how hard it would be to let go.

As Alex stared down in those hazel eyes he felt his heart quicken and the everything else disappear. She was small and warm in his arms, she felt like she belonged there a perfect fit. Her hair, the most beautiful thing he thought he had ever seen, drifted across her face. Without thinking he moved his hand from her back and sweep the hair from her lovely face. his hand lingered on her cheek, for a moment longer then necessary, then it drifted to her chin. She pulled away.

“I should...ummm...go...go...get some food ready.” she said in a very shy and soft voice. after a few steps she started to run to the campsite. leaving him wanting her back in his arms. for a little while he stood there uterly confused on what had just happened. he had needed her to step away and wanted it but for some reason when she did he feel all alone in the world. after being so close to a person after not having human contact in years, was like water in a drought. he look up at the sky and sighed. why had the Lord brought this girl in to his life if he would not know her Then he started back to camp.

Her heart had finally stopped beating so fast and as she looked at the sky and closed her eyes she could still feel his arms around her, protective, warm, and safe. she had never felt anything like what she had felt when she had been in Alex’s armes. The way he looked at her was something

She caught her breath, it was amazing how a man of that size was able to be so quiet and yet so loud when he wanted to be. “Not yet but it will be soon.”

“ Well i hope so i am famished.... i hope this will not sound like i am not trying to be.....well rude but how old are you?” he questioned a few minutes later.

She thought this a on question but said all the same “twenty. You?”

He laughed and answered “I thot you were eighteen. I am five and twenty. if you are so young then why were you on the market? are you a thief of a murder?”

she looked down and said “once i was a thief but i was not a theft of money i loved reading and so i stole scrolls. I always gave them back.” she added when she saw his face. After a moment she asked “Have you ever gown down to the lake country near the mountains?”

“um... let me see.” he thought for a moment then answered “ yes i think i have, once when i was 15, i went with my father. the chef of one of the tribes daughter was having her birthday and he invited us. the girl was very beautiful and had your eyes if i remember right. But what i remember most vividly was that i had to give the girl something, but all i had was my dagger and i gave that. the look in her eyes i will never forget. why do you ask?”

“Well i thought you looked familiar.” she said with a smile, in a moment she had reached in her bag and pulled out a small but study dager. The gold on the edges sparkled in the firelight. she looked up in his eyes and the look she received was one of pure joy.

He should have known that the woman that wormed her way in his thoughts now was the girl that had frequently visited his dreams then. All he he could do was stare at this woman, this beautiful, smiling, fantastikal woman. she was the pretty little girl who made his young life miserable because he could not find a woman who would compare to her. his father had said that if he could ever found her again he would have to hang on to her. when he was old enough to go out on his own he went back to that village but they said she had gone off to seek her life elsewhere. he had been so disappointed but know she was here with him and if he had any say in the matter she was not going anywhere from him fast.

“Well, well, well.... if it isn’t the little Alena?” he said with a laugh,“My... my you have grown into a young lady. Well stand up let me see you.” and she did just that. But when she stood up, she spun around slowly then sat down quite quickly.He could not help himself from laughing at her obviously red face. she was so sweet, and most likely vary independent. she was very beautiful, with her hair to her shoulders and those eyes, that smile, her figure. jest then she threw him a funny look and he remembered that he was staring. he smiled, traveling with her was going to be a lot of fun.

“Jessie! pay attention” My eyes flew open it was a dream i was dreaming. all it was was a dream, day dream. You don't have to be asleep to dream.

Story 2

I probably look like an idiot in my white ball gown and pink high-tops converse. I give a long sye wale sitting on the dew covered grass hill in the middle of the night. I looked upon the cutes couple. Her name is Tesa and his is Shan. I know I am not supposed stay for the ever after but I never can resist. I love watching the humans love. There so dependent on their other have that spend their whole lives searching for them. I guess that’s what we are here for, to help them find that other have. Ya I am a fairy godmother you got a problem with that punk? My job is to help human girls to find their Prince Charming. Ever here of Cinderella? Sweet girl, a little bit if a cults always forgetting things . . . Anyway ya that was me. Actually she was my first client. The thing is I used to be human. All a godmother is, is a young girl that has dye before having the chance at love. Being a godmother is a chance to help others not feel the pain of being alone.

My name is June. I am 1,516 years old and I dyed at 16. It was a long time ago. Just the common flue but back then we did not have the right medicines and vaccines you do now. So I became extremely sick in the middle of winter and, well, I dyed. But I had never experienced love. So I was given the chance to become a fairy godmother. I took that chance, i meen who wouldn’t? Come on it’s a second chance at life... well kinda except for the part where your you know dead. Being immortal is not that bad, hey I look 16 all the time. You might be thiniking or saying, i don’t know you, You do you. “only girls? What about the boys that dye without love?” well all I have to say to you is stop asking me questions! Buzz off! I don’t know! I only know that we are called Fairy godmothers and we only get assigned girls between the ages of 12 and 19.

Dzzz dzzz My phone vibratws in my pookte and makes me jump so high I almost fall over. I grab my phone out of the jeans shorts I were under the white ball gown that the council of godmothers call a uniform. Oh right forgot to menshon them.. Woops!m The council of godmothers are a collection of the very first godmothers we know of. They keep us organized, train us, and give us our assignments. “Ya-lo! Look before you say anything I know I was supposed come back right after but-”

“Is not about that June. We have another assignment for you. You won’t like it. It’s not like eney of the other job we’ve had. But acordign to the Council you are one of the most… .um… .experienced godmothers we have.” Said Grace. Grace was My Best friend she was also the only other godmother that some what gets me.

“Grace, Spill. What is the job? I am one of the most stubborn and irresponsible godmothers out there. So how bad is the girl.” I asked. To tell the truth I am good at what I do but I jest happen to try to shove the girl at the boy instead of gently nudge her his direction.

“um… .it’s not a girl… ” but she said it so fast that the only part that came out clear was ‘not girl’. Silence. I had no worlds to express what I was thinking and felling at that time. “Um . . . June? Hello? June? You still there? Hello?”

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN ITS NTO A GIRL?” I yelled in to my cell so loudly I was afrady I would mess

“Um . . . well . . . you know if its not a girl it has to be a . . . boy.” She mumbled in to the recever.

“So what you are trying to tell me is that I will be the Fairy godmother of a what 12 year old boy?”

“Actually you will be the Fairy godmother of a 17 year old boy.” I could hear the smile in her voice.

“Ok ok you got me! ha ha who set you up to this? was it jane?” in all truth i knew this was no joke but i mean come on how do you expect me to beleve this? my mind could not fully comprehend what was hapining at this moment. how was this eveon

To tell truth I did not think anything like this could happen but you never know. Right?

“No. Sorry June. Nothing in the records about something else like this. Look I got to go but hear is the address 1,15. Anne Ville rode house 3891 Temple Texas. Got it? Ok, See ya around. Bye!”

“WHAT? NO! No! Grace dont you dare hang up!” but it was to late the phone went dead and the long drul beep of the phone rang in my ears. I stude there thinking about what had just hapend. Thinking how I could get out of this. But nothing came to mind. So I did the only thing I could. I puled out my blue sparkly wand and zapped my self to hous 3891. still hoping that this was all just a joke or a realy REALY bad dreem.

In hine sight zapping my way in to a 17 year old boys bedroom closet was probably not the best first impression. The look on his face when I appeared in front of him in my dress and pink streaked hair would have been funny if not for the look of utter embarrassment that was probably plastered on my face. Know you may be wondering what I was doing in his closet and why I was embarrassed. I mean I have done this before right? Wrong! First of all my zapping abilities had always been a bit rusty and it was hard to predict were I would ended up. And secondly I was embarrassed because he was standing there with a faded blue shirt in his hands looking like I had just appearing in front of him out of know were right after he had gotten out of the shower. Which is probably the most accurate description for what had happened.

“um… hi… . My name is June and I am your Fairy godmother. Tada!” I said as best as I could wall standing in a shirtless boys closet.

“Ya.” He scoffs’ “My name is Max, I am the big bad wolf, and you’re a joke by Jack. How much did he pay you? Look I don’t know how you got hear or who put you up to this but can you get out of my closet now?” he asked in a cute southern ascent. I almost tried to protest but, not for the first time that day, I was stunned into silence. So I did the only thing that my body would let me I climbed over some baskets of cloths best I could in a Ball gown. But I guess my best was not good enofe because right when I was about to clime out I tripped over my dress and fell right in to Max. His arms enclosed me in there warmth preventing me from hitting the carpeted ground.

“Thanks.” I said wale unwrapping my arms from around his neck to were they had been latched. His arms slid from around me and swing limply back to his sides. I stepped back and finely got my first good look at him. He had strait dark brown hair that hung slightly In his aqua blue eyes. His frame was solid and all muscle.

“So… fairy godmother hu?” his accent was not so think it was irritating but not to thin it was not even there it was… well perfect.

By Jessie Brandon

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