Windrush Fair Isle Winter 2017

We've had our final class. At our next meet up we'll debut our garment. Fortunetly Mimi & Marlie generously, and wisely moved the unveiling of our "masterpieces" from April to May. Fingers crossed, we'll have more than a meager swatch to show for all our efforts.

Leaving the company of Marlie and Mimi, the farm, the flock, and fellow spinners, we head home. Armed with inspiration, our fleeces and wheels, we begin to pull together the elements that will define our sweater design. With the help of our our two mavens of fiber finess we use our new found skills to create a piece that captures the essence of all we brought to this class, everything we acquired while here, and a vision of what the future holds for our creative process.

Fleece divided by color awaiting a scouring.
Having choosen a Shetland fleece, I'm taking the opportunity to hone my color work knitting technique while honoring the natural colors of these charming little sheep.
The wethers wishing we'd vacate their dry barn on a very rainy day.
Color pallet, care of "Shetland Badger Weather 2017 & Friends"
Love at first sight.

Smittened by Shetland Sheep (they are delightfully sweet), seduced by their exceptionally soft and various coloured fleece, and inspired by knitters of the Shetland Islands, Windrush Vest is a tribute to tradition.

Windrush Vest

Fair Isle design created by Jennifer

Try Stitch Define for help designing your own Fair Isle motifs..

A $3.99 purchase from the App Store makes designing your own FairIsle motif simple. Letting go of math and allowing your eyes and instinct guide your design is key.

Upload a photo of your motifs and apply a grayscale filter. This helps visualize any glaring colour blocks that might fight with the cohesion of the knitted piece as a whole. I used Abobe Photo Express a free iPad/iPhone app.
Now for measurements...

Jennifer's three dimensional body scan results.

With software assisted body measurements I can easily tailor a unique piece that is guaranteed to fit.
Using a previous sweater schematic as a jumping off point I've got a good idea of the vest's measurements. These were assembled in Microsoft Excell while working with Sally Melville's book, Knitting Pattern Essentials
Great book!

Inspired by the design of the first vest and the color palet of the second.

Yoko Hatta & Ysolda Teage's Fair Isle vests.
Created By
Jennifer Sulprizio

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