Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Carly Triana

Nature on Display

The interactive nature of the exhibits helped me to remember everything much better than if we were not able to interact at all. A part of the museum that I particularly enjoyed showcased the forests of Florida. The exhibit looked incredibly lifelike, which also drew my attention. It also had a cave that continued the discussion of the terrain in Florida. I think that sharing information through museums is important in addition to mainstream learning methods, such as textbooks. Museums are a way to reinforce learning in a way that appeals to the visual senses.

Nature and Ethics

The Museum of Natural History helped me to "love, respect, and admire" nature in the way that Leopold suggests. He states that we, as humans, should look at nature and the creatures within it as equals in our community of life. The butterfly exhibit most certainly helped me admire the beauty of butterflies. These delicate creatures move with such dignity and grace. Though we were able to connect with nature through the exhibit, I feel as though we did so in the way the Leopold does not want. I do not completely disagree with the idea of live exhibits, but I do think that humans often feel entitlement over creatures of nature because of our bigger intellect.

In the butterfly exhibit at the FLMNH

Nature and the Human Spirit

Visiting the Museum of Natural History allowed me to step out of my typical college life and immerse myself in nature. I do not take enough time out of my daily life to appreciate the incredible wonder of nature. My favorite part that helped me realize how amazing the natural world is was the exhibit of all of the shark jaws. The jaw of the Megalodon surprised me the most. I had always watched the show about Megalodon on television, but standing near its jaw showed me just how small and helpless I am compared to some of Earth's creatures.

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