Skills Training Get assessed by an employment counsellor to determine your need, suitability and the sustainability of your requested training

What is it?

Skills Training refers to training that supports clients to meet minimum entry requirements for an in demand occupation or industry that leads to a certificate or degree

Eligibility for Training Support

1- On an active EI claim, or has received EI in the last 5 years or have earned $2000 in EI deductible income in 5 of the last 10 years

2- Single Parent Employment Initiative for single parents on income assistance

3- Individuals with disabilities, either on or without income assistance

Here’s What You Need To Know:

WorkBC offers you support in reaching your employment goal.

The return to-work services we deliver assess the most direct and cost-effective route to sustainable employment that meets your needs.

We look at your marketable skills, education, work experience and your overall situation in determining the most direct route to employment.

Proof of an extensive (unsuccessful) job search is typically required before we can look at formal training. You will also be required to obtain formal Labour Market Research regarding the need for your desired field of work.

Short-Term Occupational Training (First Aid, Food Safe, Serving-It-Right and WHMIS) is not based on any of the eligibility requirements, but instead is based on need.

Speak to a case manager or employment counsellor if you are in need of Short-Term Occupational Training.


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