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MDX-NSOC the RCN and Middlesex University have pulled together to bring you the Universities first Mental Health Movie Night. This page contains all the information and resources you will need to make the most of the evening . Browse through the clips that will be shown on the night, find out about the speakers on the panel, and take a look at what a mini mental state exam involves.

Tickets are available FREE via Eventbrite. There is limited capacity but Nursing, Midwifery, Social Care, Teaching and Allied Healthcare students from across London are welcome to attend. Tickets will be scanned at the door, Student ID required.

Mini Mental State Exam

The first section of the evening will involve learning about how to undertake a mini mental state exam. This session will be lead by Professor Carmel Clancy and guide the audience through how to assess the mental state of a person. This skill is useful for any health or social care practitioner or educator interested in the well being of their colleagues, patients or students.

Before attending the event it's worth taking a look at some of the following resources, to familiarise yourself with the Mental State Exam in preparation for the evening

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The Movies

The second half of the evening involves watching the following clips from well known movies depicting different mental health conditions. Each clip will be introduced, played and followed with a facilitated discussion from our panel. Through audience engagement, the panel will explore the condition, the portrayal and the assessment process. Attendees are invited to watch the clips in advance. Although it is not essential, attendees may also wish to watch the movies in advance prior to the event

As Good As It Gets

Staring Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt, this romantic comedy focuses on the life of Melvin, a misanthrope with obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Lauded as a masterpiece of film-making, and staring Kirsten Dunce, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Kiefer Sutherland, Melancholia delves into the dark realities of depression. Director Lars Von Trier drew inspiration for this movie with insight from his own lived experiences of depression.


starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Paul, Smashed takes a look at the spiralling impact of addiction and it's influence on the individual and those around them

The Panel

Providing a wealth of experience and knowledge, the panel will be engaging the audience with thought provoking discussion of mental health conditions, and the professionals role, through the vivid medium of film

Professor Carmel Clancy

“My passion is addiction nursing,” says Professor Carmel Clancy, Head of Department, Mental Health, Social Work, and Integrative Medicine. “I want to spread the word and really mobilise nurses and other practitioners to understand that they have a vital public health role in addressing the addiction issue.”

Carmel has dedicated a great deal of her 30-year career to “facilitating a competent workforce that supports communities who are most impacted by addiction and mental health”. She qualified as a general nurse in her home city of Dublin in the early Eighties before moving to London in 1985 where she decided to specialise in mental health nursing with a view to working with young people. A stint in a drug addiction clinic at St George’s Hospital in south London, however, piqued her interest.

“I’ve subsequently always really worked in addiction and mental health,” she says. “I've always gone to the group that needs to be defended the most and addicts, of course, fit that bill.”

She has since undertaken numerous research studies on the subject and taken on many advisory and consulting roles. She is currently an Executive Board Member of the International Nurses Society in Addictions (IntNSA); and has just completed co-chairing a Public Health England steering group, which is about to publish on the role of the nurse in drug and alcohol treatment.

Special Guest: Dolly Sen

As a child, Dolly Sen was an alien in Empire Strikes Back. She knew then she would never know normal life. She is an award-winning writer, artist, performer and filmmaker. She has had 10 books published, and her blogs around art, madness and humour have a huge international following. She has exhibited as an artist and performed internationally, and her films have been shown worldwide, including at the Barbican in London. In her more grown-up role, her training and public speaking around mental health has taken her to The World Health Organisation in Geneva, Oxford University, The Barbican, Mayor of London, University of Westminster, Guys Hospital, The Probation Service and over 100 charity, corporate and statutory organisations

Associate Professor Nicky Lambert

Nicky is an Associate Professor (Practice) at Middlesex University, where she is Director of Teaching and Learning for Mental Health, Social Work and Integrative Medicine. She has a professional Twitter feed: (@niadla) and is keen that all people with and interest in mental health engage together as a community to support good practice and challenge discrimination. She has teaching and research interests in women's health, physical and mental health, social media and health education.

Professor Trish Hafford-Letchfield

Dr Trish Hafford-Letchfield is Professor of Social Care at Middlesex. Trish joined Middlesex in 2008 following a long career in statutory social work. She has also held several Third Sector roles as chair of Age UK Greenwich; as coach mentor for managers in older people’s organisations; as Trustee for Ageing and Education 2009-2014 and co-founder and co-chair of the Social Work and Sexuality, International Community of Practice (2004-2016).

Her doctoral studies examined the lifelong learning of older people using social care, which aimed to bring together educational gerontology with social policy and social care. She has authored, co-authored and edited 13 textbooks in leadership, management, sexuality, equalities, ethics and interprofessional practice and educational gerontology. She is also an active researcher on professional education, adult social care and LGBT issues in social work and social care. where she has published extensively.

Her specialist research interests are in cross-disciplinary support for improving the quality of care for older people in marginalised communities. She has a particular interest in using the arts to promote community engagement and has pioneered innovative pedagogies to develop collaborative models of practice and inclusive research design.

Dr Sarah Carr

Dr Sarah Carr is Associate Professor of Mental Health Research. She has nearly 20 years experience of research, knowledge management and policy analysis in mental health and social care.

Sarah worked for the Social Care Institute of Excellence (SCIE) as a Senior Research Analyst and as interim Joint Head of Participation. Sarah has also worked in research and knowledge roles at the National Institute for Social Work, Oxleas NHS Trust and the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health.

Sarah has particular expertise in service user participation, co-production and equality and has published widely on these topics. She was a member of the NIHR INVOLVE standing committee, supporting public and patient involvement in research. She has lived experience of mental health service use and was a member of the Guideline Development Group for NICE CG136: Service user experience in adult mental health.

Sarah also specialises in personalisation (person-centred practice and personal budgets), the social aspects of mental health, user and specialist community organisations, evidence-based practice, policy and research analysis and literature reviewing. In 2008 she authored Personalisation: A rough guide, a foundational policy implementation guide for the adult social care sector and led a five year personalisation work programme at the Social Care Institute for Excellence. In 2012, Sarah was a member of the NICE Topic Expert Group for the Dementia Social Care Quality Standard pilot.

Sarah holds Honorary academic posts including Senior Lecturer at the School for Social Policy, Birmingham and Visiting Fellow at the School of Social Policy and Social Work at York where she co-chairs the Lived Experience Advisory Panel at the International Centre for Mental Health Social Research. Sarah was formerly Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Government and Charity Management, Faculty of Business, London South Bank University. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

The RCN has produced a series of publications and supports for nurses to use to improve their practice in relation to mental health, for themselves and their patients. Click the links below to explore some of these resources

RCN Library

MDX-NSOC, Middlesex University and the RCN look forward to hosting you on the night. Refreshments will be provided and are included with the ticket.

This event is open to all Pan-London University students, FREE OF CHARGE, however Eventbrite tickets and University ID's will be checked at the door.

MIDDLESEX NURSING STUDENTS: Will have their practice hours counted if taking time out of placement to attend IF you have a ticket and IF that ticket is scanned in at the event. Practice hours will only be counted if you start your shift in practice, and then come to the session to finish your shift at the IPL. Students that book tickets and do not attend to have their tickets scanned will not recieve placement hours and their mentors will be contacted to inform them you did not attend. Practice hours will not be included if you were not on shift that day.

MIDDLESEX MIDWIFERY STUDENTS: Due to NMC rules on "practice hours" you cannot have placement hours replaced by this HOWEVER, missed academic hours CAN be made up at this event

ALL ATTENDEES: A certificate of attendance will be sent to the emails of all attendees who have their tickets scanned at the event. An age restriction of 18+ will be enforced at this event due to the nature of the clips shown and the discussions taking place This event is included as one MDX IPL session.

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