This is Niccolo Machiavelli.

This is Niccolo Machiavelli. He wrote "The Prince" which outlines the qualities of a good and bad leader. The contrasts between a good and bad leader are mostly in relation to the policies a leader implements. The policies are the way a leader interacts with his people. The way to determine a good leader is by looking at his policies. The defining factors of good policy can be found in these three concepts Analysis, Action, and Outcome.

Get out your glasses if you want to be a good leader. you have to research.

The first step to a sound policy is Analysis. A leader has to have a good understanding of the current situation. If a Leader has a good understanding of the current situation then he can make effective policy. If a leader wants to make a effective economic policy he must have a good understanding of the current economic situation and economic mechanics. A poor leader makes policies without understanding the situation while a good leader does their research.

I don't think a caption is necessary

The next step after analysis is action. The government takes action in a lot of matters but when the research is not done then the government makes bad decisions. If research is done then the right decision can be made, but it comes down to finding the right policy. Many people do research, and still go through with the wrong policy. A good leader uses the research done to create and improve his policy.

This probably wont go as planned

As humans no matter how much planning we do something can always go wrong. The outcomes of any policy to some extent are not predictable, but a policy in order to be considered good must have a beneficial outcome. A good leader and a bad leader can have research and a well crafted policy. If the policy is not beneficial then it is not a good policy.

if a leader or government follows these three steps then the policies they make should show that they are a good leader. A leaders most direct interaction with his people is through policy. a good leader must understand the situation so he can make a good policy then through the outcomes see if it is actually a good policy.


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