Urbanization By: Justin Nonnenmann

Lots of houses and buildings where trees used to be.
  • Pros- Are about how urbanization helps the community.
  • Latin America is the most urbanized region in the world.
  • Farming and Mining are big in this region.
  • 2/3 of this region is urbanized.
  • There are lots of houses and buildings for people to have houses, so lots of people can have homes and not live on the streets, or be homeless.
  • Cons- Are mostly about how Urbanization is hurting the community
  • Most of the forest is being cut down, because of all the houses and buildings being put up.
  • There will not be much room for the forests so that means there are not much forests.
  • With all the crowded room inequality and violence are the main problems in these areas.
  • There are lots of pollution in these areas with all of the houses and buildings, creating all of the pollution.
Lots of buildings were trees used to be.

Solution: Build hotels for people to live in so there will not be that much houses, pollution from all the buildings, and will not be that crowded.

There are not much forests, all of it is buildings, and houses.

Claim: I disagree with urbanization, because it takes down all of the forests, grasslands, areas for mining, and areas for farming.

People took trees out to build just a castle.

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