Compilation By Marco and Rafa

1.-Modals:These verbs works as auxiliaries which can´t work with the principal verb. They express modal,ability, posibility or another condition.

The modal verbs are:Will,Should,Can,Ought to,Could,Must,May,Have to and Might.

Examples: You can get your hair cut.
You ought to be over 1.60 m tall to be flight attendant.

2.-Phrasal verbs:are two-word phrases consisting on verb+adverb or verb+preposition.

Some of the most common phrasal verbs are:Away with,Off with,Up for,Up with,Out of,On with,Put with,Up to and Down on.

Examples: I went out with my girlfriend for three years, then we broke up.

3.-Participles:Is a form of verb use to modify the noun or a verb, and is similar to an adjective.

Most of the participles ends with -ed or -ing

Examples: screaming babies, disturbing images, unexpected visit,satisfied customer.

4.- Prepositions:are used to connect nouns,pronouns or phrases.

Most of the prepositions are: Of,For,With,From,About,In,Down.......

Examples:Are you afraid of the dark?

Canterbury is famous for its catedral.

5.- Past habits: are use to express thing you do in the past and you don't do them now or don't do them as frequently as in the past.

The word used to express this is: used to

Examples: I used to watch T.V every day.
Where did you used to live?

5.-Vocabulary:The vocabulary is the next one.

Look for the definition on the web so you could understand it better.

Set up







Pay off

We create a game for you to practice this vocabulary


We include this video about interesting facts.

Reflection:In conclusion we love this course because we learn a lot of things with the best english teacher we could have, we learn so much topics from a different way than other teachers in a funny and interesting way.

Created By
Marco Martinez Rios


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