Nicolaus Copernicus By: Christopher Jadwiszczak || Period: 2

SumMary of Copernicus' Ideas

Copernicus was born in Poland. He lived during the mid-1500s. Copernicus later became an astronomer in life, he is best known for his theory that the Sun is at the center of the universe and not the Earth. At the time, society believed that the Earth was at the center of everything since the Church said so. People believed everything the Church had to say. Copernicus thought otherwise. Nicolaus Copernicus established the concept of a heliocentric solar system and published it on the same year of his death.

Heliocentrism is a theory of an astronomical model which the Earth and the rest of the planets revolve around the Sun at the center of the Solar System. People did not want to believe Copernicus because it was a new idea and lived their whole life believing only what the Church had to say.

This is one of Copernicus' most famous quotes. He explains that although we have already discovered so much, we still are discovering new things that we never knew about. And that is a true accomplishment.

Impact on Society

Copernicus didn't release his ideas to the public until the same year he died in fear of prosecution from the church. Much of the society didn't worry about his ideas because they didn't believe it. The people had enough evidence to believe the Earth was the center of the universe. People thought because the sun raised and set from different sides of the earth than the sun was revolving around us. It was their logical theory and didn't listen to Copernicus' illogical theory. It was common sense to the people and plus the church told them that the Earth is at the center of the universe.

Copernicus and Impact oN traditional beliefs

Before Copernicus released any of his ideas people relied on the church for information and explanations of mysteries. People also used common sense to figure things out. People believed that since the sun rose and set on opposite sides of the earth, the sun revolved around us. It was their common sense. The church also taught them that the Earth was the center of the entire universe. Nicolaus Copernicus introduced his new idea of Heliocentrism to the public towards the end of his life. At first, nobody really payed attention to him and his new idea. But, with physical proof and his scientific evidence people began to pay attention and acknowledge his theory. The society went from believing that everything revolved around the Earth, to the earth revolving around the sun in our solar system. Scholars began to take into consideration Copernicus' ideas. They began to experiment, observe, and draw conclusions like real scientists.


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