Humanity's Greatest Strength: Self Control Sydnie motes and madeline massarelli

In life, there is a lot of temptations, hard decisions, relationships, and obstacles that come our way. I believe humanity's greatest strength is self control. It helps us to get through hard times and all the temptations life throws at us.

Humanity's greatest strength is self control because we need self control to survive and succeed in certain things in life. It gives us the ability to ignore things that go on around us. Self control increases decision making skills, increases chances of success, and improves focus. Without self control, you wouldn't be able to make the best decisions.

These pictures are examples of times we need to have self control
  • cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, etc are examples of things that we can be pressured into getting ourselves tied up in. Thankfully we have self control to get ourselves out of these situations
  • Often when we are on a diet it's hard to cut out sweets. We have to use our self control and choose the apple instead of candy.
  • In romantic relationships and falling in love , temptations are a big issue. Self control is a major key in intimate relationships.
  • Self control is even important in relationships. It's easy to want to do something just because your best friend is doing it. Self control is what helps us to be our own person when peer pressure is thrown our way.

Self-control has been defined as the capacity that individuals have to exert control over their own thoughts, emotions, impulses, and performance. A central component of this definition is that self-control involves overriding or inhibiting something that would otherwise occur.

Self-Control is the thinking skill that helps children learn to control their feelings and behaviors in order to make good decisions, while aiding in reducing impulsive actions and dealing effectively with frustration.

Evidence shows that kids with poor self control and planning abilities are more likely to have aggressive, angry behavior problems. Self control should play an important role in academic achievements

Over the long term, impulsive kids are more likely to become obese, more likely to smoke, and more likely to become dependent on alcohol or drugs.

Self control is humanity's greatest strength. It provides decision making skills, ability to focus, and without it we wouldn't be able to succeed in some things life throws at us. It controls our thoughts, emotions, reactions, decisions, and relationships. Self control affects kids, such as angry behavior problems. Without it we would be confused, stressed, and overwhelmed.


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