OnePageCRM #PurposePeoplePlace

As part of our brand new NUI Galway 2020 Innovation Spotlight Series we spoke to Gosia FitzGerald. Gosia is CFO of OnePageCRM based here on campus in our Business Innovation Centre, part of NUI Galway's Innovation Office.

The OnePageCRM team.

Tell us a little bit about OnePageCRM.

OnePageCRM is a simple sales customer relationship manager (CRM) designed for salespeople and small business owners. Users of the application can easily schedule reminders with their prospects or customers, manage their tasks and track their pipeline which ultimately leads to closing more sales. OnePageCRM is inspired by a Getting Things Done (GTD) philosophy which we applied to sales. Our aim is to increase productivity and sales based on taking action. We’ve applied Next Action sales method. The moment you complete a sales action in our app, send an email or follow up with a quote, we push you to set the next one. These continuous follow-ups help you build trust and ensure that nothing drops through the cracks.

How did you work on getting your product off the ground?

The first version of the product that we released was a minimum viable product (MVP). Within three months from the initial design we had a working version that we decided to release to the public, although it was not bug-free! Once we noticed the traction and positive feedback from users we knew that we were onto something and decided to go for it and close our other business. We became an Enterprise Ireland client and received High Potential Start-Up (HPSU) Funding. Furthermore we received a round of investment from Enterprise Ireland, private investors and a Silicon Valley-based venture capitalist called 500 Start-ups.

Tell us a little bit about the OnePageCRM team.

People and the team are extremely important to us. We believe that we have the right people on the bus and we can go anywhere and conquer the world. When we hire, we look for ‘A-players’. You need to be passionate about and great at what you do, but we don’t hire only for the skills — your personality matters just as much. The team is also a guardian of a strong and positive company culture where we support each other. Apart from the Galway headquarters, we work from Columbia, Brazil, Russia, Poland, Ukraine…you name it. Our different experiences, views and cultures is what makes us stronger.

What made you want to become an entrepreneur and work in a start-up environment?

I grew up in a family where my dad had his own business and my mum was a civil servant. I could see both sides of various types of work, their challenges and rewards. When I got involved in the business I appreciated the huge amount of learning, freedom but also responsibility of making decisions, and the level of independence that fitted with my lifestyle. I’m married to an inventor who constantly wants to improve the world. At the time we were running a web services company and we were in need of a system to store all our sales contacts and customers data. Since we could not find a suitable solution that would be easy to use and dynamically encourage to sell more one day he started sketching his own CRM solution at the back of a napkin. This is how it started...

How has being a part of the NUI Galway start-up community benefited OnePageCRM?

Within NUI Galway, it's great to be around other start-up companies, to learn from each other. No matter what type of company they are, we all have a lot of common issues related to building the team, creating a culture and ethics and solving admin issues.

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