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This page will help contributors find answers to questions regarding requirements, account information, and overall common issues for submitting templates to Adobe Stock.

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Submission Topics

Can I sell the same works on Adobe Stock and in other marketplaces? Yes, work accepted and published on stock.adobe.com/templates is retained under a non-exclusive license unless otherwise noted.

How many templates can I submit? We ask that you limit your batch to 1-25 templates per submission, but you may submit as many batches as you like over time. Please wait to receive feedback for one batch before sending more batches.

How many revision and feedback rounds are allowed? No more than two submissions of revisions will be accepted for templates. If your template has been rejected twice, you may not submit it again.

Can I submit my templates through the Adobe Stock Contributor Portal in my Adobe Contributor Account? Currently, templates contributors are invite-only, so template submissions are not supported via the portal. Please use the file request that was set up by the Adobe Stock Templates team to submit your work for review.

How do I use the Adobe Stock Templates metadata form? In order to fill out and use the dropdowns in the metadata form, you should use Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice (free) to open and save the form.

Are there examples of acceptable templates? Take a look at these templates to explore best practices while setting up your files:

Can I recommend other designers for Adobe Stock templates? Yes, have them fill out this form to be considered as a templates contributor.

Content-Related Topics

Can I include images in my templates if I own them and wish to give them away for free? Yes, as long as you provide the necessary model and/or property releases in your template submission.

What requires a release? Property releases are required for images of any identifiable buildings, areas or artwork of any kind (including graffiti), and model releases are required for images of any identifiable people.

Why can't I include fonts that are not part of Adobe Fonts? We only allow Adobe Fonts to ensure that Creative Cloud users can easily sync fonts without worrying about licensing, and that the type foundries who create the fonts are fairly compensated.

Why can't I use celebrity names or more interesting dummy copy? In accordance with the Adobe Stock legal terms and guidelines, you may not use any references to names, companies, etc that are at high risk for IP violations.

Can I include a logo or references to my own company? You may do so only if you wish to give away your own intellectual property (IP) for free.

For more specific technical requirements, see the following pages:

Account-Related Topics

Can I customize my page? Yes, you can add a profile cover image to your contributor page. Log into your Contributor account and see how to Customize your profile header.

Last Published: November 11th, 2019