Documentaries in the Classroom Jorge Santiago

Week 1 - Rough Cut

‚ÄčA little late, but I made it.

I spent some time thinking about how to do this exercise. I ended up with a much shorter rough cut, that originally felt like a final cut. I know its not final, but I did apply a combination of methods from both Week 1 and Week 2. In the end, I worked with some basic titles, b-roll, transitions, audio effects, J and L cuts.

My focus is a young man named Ethan, a software developer, and his motivation and struggles in his field.

Week 2 - Final Video

‚ÄčThis was not as fun as the first time around. I can appreciate Adobe Premiere Rush, but I had a lot of problems achieving quick edits that I'm used to in Premiere Pro. I felt as though I had very little control of how i organize my Timeline. There were a few things I wanted to do with the video but was unable to place the clips in the track where i wanted them.

Also, i made separate sequences that I thought I'd be able to then combine in the Timeline, but that did not happen either. Audio was also a bit hard to work with. I wish I could apply global edits to audio. As for transitions, titles and color balance, those were all very intuitive and fun to use.

I was disappointed that I tried to add a final title card at the end of my edits which I wanted to place at the beginning of the video, but was unable to get the clips to move forward.

Final Thoughts

I always feel nervous editing video. Yet, once I start I can't stop.

This has definitely been a good challenge for me. I'm always up for trying out new software. Premiere Rush is a good starting tool. I can see how students would love using this in the classroom. Personally, I need a little bit more control with my video, but I do appreciate the presets and flexibility it provides.

I did enjoy receiving feedback in this course. It helped a lot with my final editing decisions.

Looking forward to more video editing courses in the EdEx.

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