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Lesson 1: Playground Basics

why apps?

Why are apps so popular? Because they help you to make things easily and provide you faster access to social media and internet, whose have become very necessary these days.

What purpose do apps serve and what about them makes people wanting more? Because as I said before, they have faster access to the resources we mostly use and also they have the power of entertain you, because they're very atractive and provide you a lot of things, so that becomes very adictive.

List of 5 to ten apps I regularly have heard about that sound interesting.

  1. InsTuner
  2. Metronome
  3. Virtual Piano
  4. CamScanner
  5. Brain Wars
  6. Word Search
  7. Happy Hop
  8. Word Reference
  9. eBay
  10. Youtube

What made you download in the first place? Because I needed them in order to practice music theory, rhythm exercises and intonation, and for scanning sheets of music, the others that are not related with music, are for things of the school.

Whats does it meet? Write down the problem you think each app solves. What is its purpose?

  1. InsTuner: For avoiding playing your instrument out of tune.
  2. Virtual Piano: For having the tune for singers before they sing.
  3. Metronome: For keeping the tempo when you are playing a piece.
  4. CamScanner: For having a fast access for scanning papers insted of doing it in the office.
  5. Brain Wars: A game for practicing brain skills.
  6. Word Search: A game for developing more your ability of for finding words,
  7. Word Reference: Having a fast access for saying the things you want to say, in different languages.
  8. Happy Hop: A game for entertaining myself.
  9. eBay: For having faster acces to buy things online.
  10. Youtube: For hearing music and checking videos of how to play classical music.

Lesson 2: Naming and Identifiers

Idea Storm

Have you ever wished that there was an apps for that? Now´s your chance to get all those wishes down on paper.


  1. App for recognizing songs and pieces of every type of music that exists
  2. App for making your own music with the street sounds
  3. App for making web pages
  4. App for making music instrument designs
  5. Games of music recognition
  6. Apps for keeping all your songs without losing a lot of memory in your phone
  7. App "Imslp" from a page that have pieces of music for musicians
  8. App for learning to sing, with intonation exercises
  9. App for making lyrics videos
  10. App for making HD videos in 5 minutes with text and with pro formats

Lesson 3: Strings

Write down who you think each app was designed for. What kind of person would download that app? Do you think the app will meet their needs?

  1. Netflix: The app was designed for letting people to have a easy access to their favorite movies or tv programs. The kind of person that will download this app is the kind of people that love/like to see movies, series, tvshows etc. I think they will be the right app this people need when they relax at home.
  2. eBay: This app is for people to have a faster access to buy thing online. All people I think will use this for buying things from their country and other countries at click with their finger. It will satisfy people because they will have the ability to buy things without going to a store.
  3. Brain Wars: This app have games for training your brain, you have games that challenge your brain using colors, memory an mathematics, you can play with other people from arounf the world. This app is for people that like to challenge themselves with bran games. This app will let this people to enjoy and learn at the same time.
  4. Cinépolis: This app let people to buy their tickets to the movies faster. People that like to go to the movies and don't like to make lines, will use this app because it ill let them to save time and don't make lines when they buy their tickets.
  5. Colorfy: This app is for provinding people drawings so they can color them in order to relax. People that have anxiety problems will use it because this will let them to calm down and satisfy their needs for
  6. BBC Mundo: News app, it give the daily news form the world. People that like to be informed about the news will use this, so I consider it will be an importatant tool for them.
  7. Snapchat: App for sending instead of written messages, audiovisual messages. People on the adolescence like to use them because it gaves them a chance to show themselves to the world.
  8. Instagram: App for posting photos. People who like to share their photos in order to other people to see them. People who like photography, might like thi app, because you can observe them and study the way they were taken, the shadow, etc.
  9. Minecraft: Game App. People who are gamers play with this because its a game where you can experience building things and play with your character to achieve things. It will satisfy them because my sister play this game and she likes it very much.
  10. Piano Titles: Game App. For people who like music and the people who don´t, this app was design for make music fun, and let people experience music. It will satisfy the people because the music that is played when you play this game is very known, so people would have so much fun.
  11. Outlook: App for having a faster acces to your e-mail. Is for people who constantly need to check their e-mail because of work or school, so people who have a job or are at school might need this for having an easy acces to their documents and communication.
  12. Spotify: App for having the music you mostly like, so you can listen to it. All people will like this app, because this is a tool for an easy access to your favorite music, so you an listen to it.

Now go back to your list of app ideas from "Idea Storm". Identify a few key audiences you want to focus on.

I want to focus on adult audiences, because since they are grown up they will understand what I want to provide with them with the app I will make.

Lesson 4:Hello, world!

Go back to your list of favorite apps from your app journal for Lesson 1, Rank them in therms of their user interface design. Which apps are easy to use and seem to "just work"? Write down the reasons that some apps are easier to us than others. Compare your notes with other students. Did you agree on the reasons?

  1. Youtube
  2. CamScanner
  3. Virtual Piano
  4. Happy Hop
  5. Brain Wars
  6. eBay

I think that the reason that some apps are easier is because the mechanisms that they use are really simple and have patterns, so they are easy to understand and easy to carry through the actions they are supposed to make. I agree with some of the reasons of my classmates because they were similar to mine.

Lesson 5: First App

Take a look to you "Idea Storm" list. Which ideas stand out to you now? You may come back to these ideas one day with a different perspective. It's also a list you'll want to keep adding to. For those standout ideas, what problem or purpose does each of them address? Can the problem or purpose really be solved with an app? Will your app be disruptive? What can you app do better than any other app?

The ideas I had related to music. I want to do and app that let people to know about how art is beatiful and necessary is art in our lives. The problem with this ideas is that they can be complicated to make because music is complex. I think I can solve problems of ignorance respecting classical music, My app will not be disruptive, it will be interesting. My app will make music fun for everyone.

Lesson 6: Functions

See if you can define your app in terms of the problem it will address. How exactly will your app fullfill its goal?

My app will make music fun, with games about it because, music is everything, this app will increase your knowledge and will make you feel more interested respecting to music, it will inspire you. App name: Bellissima Musica Description: Games about music that will inspire people to get more involved into the world of music.

Repeat this for a few of your app ideas. Do any of your app statements speak to you more than others?

" This app will inspire people to get more involved into the world of music. "

Lesson 7: BoogieBot

Do you aspire to build state-of-the-art-apps?

Yes, I aspire. I want to make apps about an art. music.

Basic features to get started:

Acelerometer: Detects if the device is decelerating, accelerating or in zero gravity. Could you create an app that detects if the user is falling? Or measure how many times someone rotates their phone along a central axis?

GPS: (Global Positioning System) iOS devices have this, that shows the position of the device on the earth.

Camera: The easy access to this app permits to take videos or photos and save them in the camera roll.

Touchscreen: iPhones and iPads have a touch screen, you can create an app that can detect the interaction of your sking against the screen.

What haven't I seen before? The acelerometer.

I think that all of these basic features I will use them for my app so it can be complete and very atractive for everyone. Every of these aspects are complementary with each other. Each of the features will have a special function in my app.

Link BoogieBot:

Lesson 8: Constants and Variables

  • I could use the camera, for you to take photos of your sheets of music and the app will read them and reproduce them.
  • The touchscreen can be useful for creating your own compositions on the app, so it can play them and you can hear how your composition sounds.
  • The accelerometer can be for a music game app, where you are a character that is looking for Mozart, and you have to recolect notes for you to complete the sheet of music of mozart's symphony, so you can recolect the notes by moving to the right (move your phone to the right), moving to the left, center, up, down, roll, etc, It can be reallly fun.

Lesson 9: Types

Apps of music already exist, such as Mozart's Shed, Flappy Mozart, Mozart-Radio Classique, Mozart Mountain Dash, Mozart Dice Game, Mozart Music Reading Game, etc.

Mozart-Radio Classique: Really interesting. You can get to know Mozart well. This app I like it.

Mozart Mountain Dash: Really fun to use, because its a game about Mozart skiing with his violin. But, I will improve the way it is played, because it can be a little complicated.

Mozart Music Reading Game: I will update it, because there are many music errors on the music reading,.

In any of the apps I mentioned before are comments nor valoriations of people that have used it. Also, none of these apps have been updated since last year and some from four to five years ago. So, I will suggest to update them so they can be more attractive to people.

Lesson 10: Parameters and Results

What makes a well designed app?

Design principles that will be important for my app:

  • Attractive to the human eye, depth, causing relation between the things that are happening on the screen.
  • Clarity on the text, because its about reading music and a lot of other stuff, about curious facts about music.

Lesson 11: Making Decisions

An appelling icon . Find an app with an appeling icon. What makes it appeling?

When I was seeign the app store, the app "Quadro" capt my attention because of its name and icon, the icon because it has a minimalist presentation, a square of two colors and a white background, it is not complicated but their purpose of capting the attention of people with the eye was accomplished with me. The name of it sounds as in spanish "Cuadro" which have a relation with the icon form, this only make more attractive the app. I thought that the app was about art or something related with it, but it is about managing your computer from your phone.

What will most uses want to do with your app? How many taps does it take to get to the main part of your app?

I want people to be enchanted by music, I will consider how many taps should I put in order to maintain people interest on the app functions and provide them entertainement and interest.

1 Hour of Coding

Lesson 12:

Lesson 13:

Lesson 14:

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