Gordon Parks And his contributions to society

Where was the artist from and where did they grow up? What was the time period that they lived in?

Gordon Parks was born on November 30, 1912 in Fort Scott, KS. He was the son of a tenant farmer, During his adolescent years, he grew up in poverty. He sadly died on March 7, 2006 in New York City, NY.

What was the most significant event that happened in their life?

Gordon Parks had accomplished many things throughout his life. However, a significant event in his life was that he became one of the first major African American Hollywood directors. This was a significance in his life because it showed that it didn't matter what race you are, if you have a goal in mind, strive to accomplish that goal.

What was the overall meaning of their artwork?

The overall meaning of his artwork was to prove a point to society that race doesn't matter and to stand up for your ideas. Also, in his photography he shows the segregation that occurred in America and how it effected the lives of African Americans. He wanted to show that there shouldn't be segregation and that everyone should be equal to one another.

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