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My mother passed away very suddenly, it was devastating

Immediately, demands came flooding in from the many groups that had to be dealt with.

RIP June 26, 1939 - September 16, 2015

And, I quickly realized that I had no idea what to do. What was required? Through tears, I had to figure out how to move forward.

Who to call?

What steps needed to be taken?

What things were most important to her?

What would she have wanted?

So many decisions to make...

There had to be a better way... So we built:

The CheckOutPlan™

This easy to use, highly secure website is built to help in the following ways:

My Mom never wanted to talk about her own passing, so we added...


Discussing mortality can be difficult for anyone. "Having "The Talk" is a section in Check-Out that makes the conversation about end-of-life planning so much easier. Using the pre-written content, loved ones can invite family and friends to be part of their planning process. As well, they can ask for help or invite helpers as needed.

When Mom passed away I didn't know what accounts she held or how to access them

Now people can...

Save Time, Stop Waste

People now have a safe place to record where their accounts, services and subscriptions are held and who to contact, saving stress, time and money in CheckOutPlan's second section, About You.

At 73 years of age, Mom had collected a lot of valuables, treasures and more...

Taking Stock of Life

CheckOutPlan guides people to take photos of their most precious items and decide who gets them and why in our Taking Stock section. As well, provide detailed direction on pet and livestock care. Don't leave their well-being to chance!

You might need a few of helpers...

Build Your Team

In CheckOutPlan, you can invite and manage a team of people to help fulfill your final wishes. And, you can provide them access to your plan when you're ready.

But there were so many stories I just didn't record

Those histories are now lost forever...

Making Memories

Families can now add their stories, family history, photos and experiences, and share them when ready

But then, there were the really tough decisions...

What would Mom have wanted?

The Big Event

To answer this question, CheckOutPlan helps people consider the logistics of passing away. They can then decide what's right for them and their families, and can then share that information

But the biggest question of all...

How would she want to be remembered?

We honored the life of my Mother as best we could, but we'll never know if we got it right....

Check-Out now removes the guesswork

Celebrate Your Life

CheckOutPlan helps people provide the photos they want used, write their own eulogy and decide the details of their final celebration or memorial event. Provide access for your team when ready.

We tried to think of everything:

  • Cancel at anytime
  • Get started for free
  • Big value, low cost
  • Very secure and private
  • Monthly or annual plans
  • Free access for team members

There's no longer any reason to leave this all to chance...

How would you like to be remembered?

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