Cody's Red Life By Amber Charles

I don't really know why I'm red but I guess that's how I am. I live in the ocean with my three best friends, Maddie, the one blushing, Mike, the mad one below us, and Melony, the happy one looking at me and Maddie. We're all best friends and have been for many years, seven hundred I think. One day we were just messing around in the ocean where we have been most of the time together but this day seemed different, like something bad is about to happen, it's like one of those days you feel like you forgot something just as you're about to leave the house. We all felt this way.

"Guys I think im moving! I don't know why. I'm floating higher and higher to the surface of the water. What's going on!? Help me!!!" Maddie screamed as she floated higher and higher to the top of the water.

"It's happening to me too!" Melony exclaimed joyfully as she loved going on new adventures.

We were going through evaporation. Something we've never gone through. It was different for us. It kinda felt tingly. A weird tingly. Suddenly we were above water heading for the clouds.

We reached the clouds within 1 hour. It was a long time till we arrived. We saw a huge black cloud that didn't look too nice. Mike started talking which was a bad thing since he always starts fights. "Hey you! Where are we? Hurry up and tell me NOW!" Mike yelled at the cloud.

"I have a name you know! My name's Mystya but you can call me Misty. And you're in the clouds little kid, don't you see?" the cloud shouted.

"Don't call me a little kid! Grrrrrr!" Mike screamed.

Misty took in a deep breath and blew as hard as she could as the water droplets all blew down from the clouds and the droplets started going through precipitation and condensation.

We all started falling very slowly. "AHHHHH!" I screamed as I closed my eyes waiting for what's gonna happen next.

We all hit a new body of water very hard. I was dizzy but I wondered "Where is everyone?" I couldn't see any of my friends. Mike was nowhere to be seen. Maddie was gone too. And so was Melony. I soon met up with them later on while I was running down the river. "Boy am I glad to see you guys!" I mumbled while holding on to all of them so we wouldn't separate again.

"Don't ever leave me again!" Maddie yelled blushing at me like she had some weird crush on me, now is the time I wish I wasn't a boy.

"I'll try not to!" I yelled, backing away from her.

We all sluggishly started moving into a lake. We were going through accumulation. Soon we were in a calm lake, away from the rushing water.

"I think they call this Lake Tapps, it's here in Washington but how did we travel that far? We used to live near Florida!" I screamed being worrisome.

"I don't know but we better get comfortable because this is gonna be our new home. It'll take us a while to travel through calm water." Mike mumbled stretching out his arms.

"Yay, I finally get to hang out with Cody again!" Maddie screamed in an evil laugh squeezing Cody tight.

"Ok, I'm gonna go over there and check this place out. Sorry Maddie." I yelled, giving relief, shoving Maddie away from me.

I came back around 20 minutes later to find everyone sleeping calmly so I decided to join the party. We all woke up 100 years later and decided to just live life until we had to move again which ended up being 300 MORE years. Now we started rising again like we had before. We were going through evaporation.

"Yes," Melony screamed at the top of her lungs, dancing around, "we finally get to leave this place! I was getting bored!"

We all floated higher and higher but soon realized we'd probably have to meet Misty again. I frowned at the thought. Maybe we won't have to meet her again.

"Uh oh, there's Misty again guys!" Mike grunted trying to move away from her.

"It's ok, we won't see her, just keep moving right and there looks like somewhat of a spot we can live until we move again." I said swimming to what seemed to be a big livable cloud.

"As soon as we reached it we all past out from some weird gas floating around. It was disgusting. We all floated in different directions, knocked out. We soon woke up a few yards away from the cloud. It turns out we've been knocked out for 50 years. We decided to find a different cloud to stay at. We soon found one about 100 feet away from the previous cloud. We stayed there for another 50 years then soon started falling again.

We were all going through precipitation. We all looked down to see where we were going, "We're going back to our home, the ocean guys!" I exclaimed excitedly as we were a few minutes away from being home once again.

We soon slammed against the ocean with a sudden jerk. "We're home!" Maddie yelled.

"Yay! I hope we stay here for a very long time. I missed it here!" Melony tiredly shouted, yawning from the long journey.

Mike soon decided to go find a nice, comfy spot, and sleep for a while. We all decided to do the same. The next day all we did was talk about the amazing trip and waited for the next traveling experience. We all stayed together and we soon went on another journey 400 years later but didn't make it back home and we don't know how many more trips we will go on, probably as many as the world wants us to.

-By Amber Charles

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