Family History Gift Ideas By The Genealogy Kids

The best gifts come from the heart. They're meaningful, not just "stuff." They connect people and make memories. Here's a list of our brainstormed ideas to help you decide what to give ...

  • Research and discover something new about your family. Write it up and present it to your family as a report, video, homemade book, etc.
  • Frame a pedigree chart or family tree (HERE is a cute kid-version)
  • Frame family pictures or collages (see our collage idea HERE)
  • Make a family cookbook (see THIS page about some of our family food memories)
  • Ancestor storybooks for kids (see our tutorials HERE and HERE)
  • Create a family Guess Who? Game (see our instructions, HERE)
  • Make a family matching game for kids (see our instructions, HERE)
  • Kids can create ancestor artwork (examples HERE)

Best of luck with your gift-giving!


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