Nathan Histed Photography APRIL 5, 2017 | BROOKLYN NY

Today was a beautiful day in Brooklyn, about 64° and sunny, so I decided to bring out the camera while I took the dog out for a walk (that ended up being an hour and a half walk)

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Here Are Some Of My Favorite Shots

This building has been around for quite some time. As you can see, the original sign is peeling off

You can't tell what is written all over this gate from far away. It just looks like colorful lines.

You can see here that it says "Love" layered over each other.

Spring is in the air!

Flowers are starting to bloom.

The start of a colorful Spring!

Even the trees are in bloom!

This tree is loving the warmer weather!


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This Weeks Featured Video is a Wedding Photohraphy Sample!

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did!

Created By
Nathan Histed


Photography By Nathan Histed for Nathan Histed Photography & NhP2 Media Inc.

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