SKILL BUILDER Design for Print and Screen [24.03.2017 > 18.04.2017]

Exercise 1 "One page recipe"

I've learned some good tips from the first exercise (the recipe layout), but the most usefull was learn how to use tabs correctly!!!

Then I wanted to use some fonts from Adobe Typekit. I've never tried before... Seems simple, but are they all for free (with the Adobe CC), is one of my doubts...

Photos: Adobe Stock Photos
The father of a work of art, words or software owns all copyright to this. Without his permission nobody is allowed to print, execute, copy, publish, send, change it or earn any kind of money with it.

The essence of copyright by Susan Seel

You can buy lincenses to use the copyright, but you can't buy all the terms. There are different laws in different countries, but there are international agreements about granted protection of Foreigners copyrights (treatment as a national law).

Organizations / Protection of Copyright: WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) + WTO (World Trade Organization)

Refs: mediafon + bpb + WIPO + rightsDirect + heise + copytrack (the app)

Is highly recommended to subscribe a platform as the ones above. Allways search/ include metadata with information about copyright status and inform the conditions (someting like "feel free to ask for commercial use") Susan Seel does not recommend to put an email adress to avoid spam issues...

Look for free images at pexels

About typography (Helvetica, 50th aniv vs Brain Flower vs Courier vs Comic Sans) all different fonts for different purposes.

Use Adobe Typekit or daFont.

Exercise 2 "Music Poster"

Photos: © Susan Seel

InDesign tip: fitting/ frame fitting options (select the frame, right click and choose/ define the different options) place multiple images at one time (choose place, select multiple imagens, use right/ left arrow to see the next or previous image, click and drag a box where we can put all the images, at the same time, press the up arrow and right arrow, and when we let go the mouse, it places all the images as miniatures). Override all masterpages items (right click on the page window and select this option allows to access all the objects on a page, otherwise the masterpage's items are all locked). Embed the images (it's recomended to place the images, not copy/paste from another program) it allows edit the image (right click on the image, edit the original in Photoshop, than in Photoshop change the image mode to grayscale, and save, the image will be actualized in InDesign ). Change the colors and Transparency with the image. The Pencil tool to draw a shape (watch the tutorial video for week 2) and change use the White Arrow Key for further adjustments. Copy the image, select the shape and Paste in to, the shape.

In this second exercise, I've learned the differents ways to combine the transparency modes to take maximum advantage of the InDesign tools and effects. The great tip was convert the images in grayscale with Photoshop, and than change the image color in InDesign.

My final reflection

I have to have fun when I'm developing an idea for any kind of creative project or a work in progress! that is my “motto”, a way of working. I do not want to make the process tedious or forced.

It's very painful when I’m not motivated, everything seems difficult and ideas doesn't appear. I realize that if I take the initiative to do some learnings, everything becomes more challenging and the motivation rises. Also the contact with other people, from other countries, helps to improve my english and enforce me to consider other points of view. So I feel these learning experiences as an additional source of energy.

Since I’m not a teacher, I will not have the experience of teaching what I’ve learned to a class of students, but I may eventually share my learning with some colleague at office.

I searched a lot of time for the Adobe applications training, and although there are lots of tutorials online, it doesn’t have the commitment to do work assignments. When we acquired these new applications from Adobe CC, I realized that there was this new possibility of learning. I subscribed immediately, but I understand that it takes a lot of discipline and willingness to complete each course. It is essential to have time. For me at this stage it was not possible to follow the lessons in real time, but I hope to be able to organize myself for it in the future.

The exercises are very well explained and the goals clear from the start. Although it is difficult to get an immediate answer to our doubts if we are not in the live classes, but I learned new tools, and that give me new possibilities to work with this software. That is my purpose in these learning experience!

I really enjoyed the experience and I will certainly continue to enroll other courses on this magnificent learning platform!


Pexels | Adobe Stock Photos | Susan Seel

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