The Water Project Bright futures begin with clean water

"With support from folks like you, The Water Project provides access to clean, safe and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa."

By sending in real people -not hardware- The Water Project is at the center of everything they do. This not only meets tangible needs, but creates more jobs.

The Water Project is all about helping the unfortunate families in sub-Saharan Africa in effective ways, because finding clean water is a daily challenge for adults and small children. As you can see in the pictures above, The Water Project -with your help- has been very successful in the past. They have helped various communities get clean, safe water that many have been deprived of for too long. In my opinion, The Water Project is one of the most effective yet still kind and caring water charities out there. There is always room for more help though, if you donate, you can help save lives. The shameful people that don't donate must want these poor families to die of diseases and water deprivation.

Due to the fact that it is a daily struggle to get clean water for the majority of communities, children often have to spend a lot of their school work and studying time trying to get clean water. This quite largely affect their academics and in result, their futures. Many children are needed to provide for their families so they don't have time for school, which then causes them to not have the education required for many jobs. No child should have to sacrifice their education, especially when we can do something to help! If we don't help them, no one will and these children will end up unsuccessful and in a worst state than they are now.

Research shows that the three hours that it would usually take to collect water that may or may not be safe, is now conveniently cut down to 15 minutes with complete reliability that the water is safe. This extra time gives adults more time to start gardens to provide more food for their family, and gives children more time to work on their studies, resulting in successful careers. The information of clean water also spreads to other villages, where a petition for a water project starts, which leads to the cycle starting over again.

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