fun land if you can name it we have it

Fun Land community seal
alpine Utah (I chose Alpine because it is pretty and offers a lot of different outdoor activities)

MISSION STATEMENT: the purpose is so that kids can always have fun and still go to school and to have the highest population

MEMBERSHIP POLICY: any one can join this community if they would like to.


1: If you brake something you have to pay for it

2: if your kid gets hurt then you will deal with it

3: you have to be 8 and older to use some thing

4: stay safe and responsible

5: try not to get hurt

6: you have to sign a waver

7: don't be dumb

8: be super smart

9: pay $10,000 per year (includes use and repair of all toys and equipment)

10: don't be to crazy

TYPICAL DAY FOR SOMEONE IN THE COMUNITY they would go to bed and then wake up and the parents would go work out for like 2hours and the kids will watch tv and eat break fast than they go to school then the perents go to work for a week and then a week off and the same for the school one week on and one off and when they have a week of then then can do what ever they want to do with the stuff we have .

TYPE OF GOVERNMENT: Fun Land's government is Republican. This means the people of the community choose leaders to represent them and the laws are created and enforced by the people. All members of the community are equal and everyone's vote is important. The vote of the children also counts in all the decisions made by the leaders.

The president or leader of the community would be Fire Chief Paul Hill. He would make a great leader of Fun Land because he could protect the community, but also enjoys skiing, motorcycling, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, camping, rock climbing, mountain biking and all the other great things Fun Land has to offer.

I chose republican because I believe it is important that everyones voice and option counts.

PERSUASIVE APPEAL: Come live in Fun Land because your vote counts, you will be protected, and you will enjoy fun activities everyday while living in a beautiful community!

Created By
Braiden Strickland


Created with images by FraukeFeind - "utah welcome sign" • lizski - "snow mountains utah" • lkpub - "mountains snow alpine" • lizski - "snow mountains utah"

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