Growth Project Sara Cowen

Design Challenge / Assignment Parameters Design Challenge: Create a lino-cut plate and 10+ prints that demonstrates understanding of texture, pattern, proportion,balance, emphasis and observational drawing.The assignment goal is to demonstrate an understanding of negative and positive space and use tools to help stamp and create lino-cut. Parameters are to must save and use resource photos, must choose an animal, insect or a plant on the endangered species list, lines and shape must extend off the page on 3-4 sides, must have overlapping shapes, must have a variety of Line work, and the background must be filled with 1 uniform texture.

White rhinos are threatened, but their population are increasing. They are the largest extent of the rhinoceros species. They are located in East and Central Africa. The reason they are threatened is because of the Asian Market is a huge threat to them. They hunt them for their horns because in the Chinese culture they believe they are a good ingredient for medicine.

Planning and Sketches

Ideate: When I started this I knew exactly what I anted to do. I wanted to do the rhino because I have always loved them and they are being hunted for the same reason as elephants; their ivory. When I saw no one else was doing a project on them it was even better.

Feedback: When I asked others what they were doing they all seemed pretty similar, but I knew mine was different and everyone at my table supported me. I started to sketch and had too much in my picture so I just had two rhinos and one had their horns and the other did not.

Reflect: I went with my groups idea and took out the bird and cut off horn because it was too much. It also was not idealistic because the hunters would have collected the horn.

Process and In-Progress Work

In the process of creating the lino cut I may have cut myself once and had to start over, but in the end it all came out really well, and it was a piece of art I am really proud of.I started off with practicing three times to figure out what I wanted to do with my project. Then I started my final copy which started to crumble and would not print well. I did start over, but it was not a bad thing because the second stamp came out much better.

Finished Product


My project is something I am really proud of because I have never done anything like this before and I thought I was not going to be able to do it. My artwork may not be realistic, but has an Aztec appeal like the cave video we watched, which is the look I was going for. I am very proud I accomplished a clean print and restarting did not make me fall behind.


Created with images by wuestenigel - "Nashorn in Gefangenschaft (engl.: Rhino)" • ciamabue - "Juvenile white rhinos" • tracyhammond - "white rhino rhino wild"

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