100 days of joy A teacher's Quest for positivity in 2020


Day 1: Teaching went well today; kids were engaged and eager to collaborate and discuss. #Win #JoyProject


Day 2: My Speech students did their Movie Shots on Flipgrid today and it was heart warming to see the engagement between them in the comments. ☺️


Day 3: Led a Book study chat... Although it was small (only 6 people), I felt like all voices were heard! It was fun! Plus, got to (virtually) hang with Becky twice today; good conversations! She is a hoot! 🦉


Day4: My student teacher took over a chunk of the lesson and led with confidence and certainty. I am really proud of him. Additionally, my new mug arrived yesterday, and I used it for the first time today.


Day 5: Today was a hard day to find joy, since we lost the great Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (devestating); however, I guess the small moment of joy in this day would be that I got Fiber internet installed... my test speeds are exponentially faster.


Day 6: Today, I was able to watch a friend's Rosh Hashanah service (I have always been fascinated with Judaism). The Rabbi's message was focused on the idea that as they approach the New Year, "It's Okay" to be not okay (there is so much in the world to grieve over), but also encouraged us in hope by illuminating the fact that our community is there to support and uplift and that we are all #BetterTogether. She asserted this beautiful imagery of "a rose rising from a crack." I am striving to remain hopeful while also remembering there are people around me who are eager to support and that we are all in this together-- we move forward aiming to be those roses that rise from the cracks.


Day 7: One of my favorite practices in a face-to-face setting is working in the same room as friends-- mind you, not working TOGETHER, just in the same space. Today, I was able to do that virtually with my friend, Mel, and it made #thegrind a little less lonely.


Day 8: I ate guacamole for lunch. 🥑 Delicious! I caught the avocado at just the right time. The last time I went to use the avocados I bought, they were already bad... I didn't waste this time! Woo!!


Day 9: Convos with friends really do wonders for the spirit.


Day 10: Led a PD today on Flipped Learning. Got some really positive feedback. Felt good.


Day 11: Was able to connect with a former student and set up some ongoing check-ins #MentalHealthMatters... and hearing that another friend of mine caught the #AdobeSpark bug makes my heart soar!! She is going to change the world-- I am sure.


Day 12: For today's check-in, I had my Speech kids do a Jamboard activity about Hope and Inspiration... I loved the products


Day 13: Watched a Googlers of the Round Table event today and learned a lot about how I can approach Distance Learning / Hybrid Learning. Nothing excites me more than learning together with others. #BetterTogether


Day 14: It has been so long since I have seen a play, and today, I got to watch my friend, Cat, perform in a virtual play! It was so awesome and so funny!


Day 15: Had a really productive day with my students and then a great Tech Coach Team Meeting. I feel like we are starting to think about moving in the right direction. I also sketched a pic of RBG... RIP.


Day 16: My Speech Students completed their Silent Films and we watched them in class today; it made my heart swell with pride because they took the difficult situation that is COVID and virtual learning and produced epic videos. 🙂


Day 17: Today, I had a really hard time finding joy... but... by the end of the day... I gave myself some grace and allowed myself to be okay with being okay... and that made me smile. #selfcare


Day 18: A student sent a sweet text on Remind "just because"; it prompted me to stop and reflect and set positivity goals for the month of October.


Day 19: Had a relaxing day at work today. Took it easy and felt positive about it. :) Also, spent the evening sketching... tried my hand at an eye... I am awful at these, but didn't feel terrible.


Day 20: Today started off great because #DoodleandChat Season 4 started back again. I was able to Doodle with my #DoodleFam and re-connect after a two-week hiatus. #Sketchnoting

Also, had a conversation with G about this idea of creative space and it solidified a few things for me that I have been thinking about re: school and the new normal... might blog about it soon.


Day 21: I slept in today... four hours longer than my normal wake-up time and the strawberries I got from the store in this last grocery order are DELICIOUS!! 🍓🍓🍓🍓


Day 22: I have been hoping for some feedback on my teaching and I finally got some from my Assistant Principal after an evaluation. It is nice to get the positive affirmation that hard work pays off. I am not trying to be braggy, but I will celebrate any wins that come my way. This text brought me joy today.


Day 23: I was able to exercise some spontaneity and share some tips and tricks today with GEG Amman regarding Online Teaching... it made my heart soar... Any time I can chat about teaching practices, I am in my happy place!


Day 24: Another student sent a "just because" text and it really made my teacher heart happy. These are the moments that make it all worth it.


Day 25: I have a wonderful friend, named Georgina, who continually loops me in to all things b/c she is awesome... and today, she granted me the opportunity (due to weird happenstance of events and traffic) to host a livestream this AM. AGAIN... I got to talk with educators I admire about all things teaching. 🙂 Which is my favorite thing to do. Thanks, G!


Day 26: I was able to play skribbl.io with my Speech students today and there was this moment where I looked out at their faces as they were drawing and guessing and I just felt grateful that despite distance learning, I still have the power to build fun into the lessons. It wasn't the same as normal, but it was enough.


Day 27: I finally finished my Google Certified Trainer application... now all that is left is to submit it! I will save that for tomorrow, but I feel accomplished nonetheless. It was a process because I am a procrastinator and perfectionist-- bad combo.


Day 28: Today Cutie Pie brought me joy... she is my new desk buddy!


Day 29: Was able to catch up with sister on the phone and hear about how her life was going... COVID has made it to where we haven't seen each other in quite a while... I missed her voice!


Day 30: I love when kids reach out and share "just because"! It is seriously the closest thing to the relationships I had when we were F2F! Ladies and Gents... Meet Ping and Lou!


Day 31: Started reading Brené Brown's Dare to Lead and it spoke about vulnerability and I think that is something we could all use a little more of...


Day 32: One of my friend's (who happens to be an Assistant Principal at my school site as well) joined Twitter and when he told me, my heart got so happy! People have no idea the community that awaits them on this awesome platform! #TwitterNewbie #BetterTogether #EduTwitter


Day 33: My iPad Pro FINALLY arrived today!! I am sooooooo excited to use it... BRB... gotta go download Adobe Fresco...


Day 34: My rowing machine arrived! My new goal is to get a little more active since I spend a lot of time in front of the computer for virtual teaching! Yay!!


Day 35: A friend who I actually started teaching at Redwood with 10 years ago, but who has since got out of the teaching game to raise her family sent me the sweetest text this AM. I love that I can connect with old friends even when we don't talk every day. She is so encouraging and wonderful!


Day 36: I have been struggling to figure out how to re-teach some writing concepts, and today, I think my lesson was pretty great and helped me achieve my purpose!


Day 37: I watched an exceptional session at the Adobe Max 2020 conference titled "A Joyful Life: Illustrating Your Way to Contentment and Success" by Octavia Bromell a.k.a. Tink. She shared so much insight into her journey and reiterated that we should set aside 5 minutes a day to choose joy; it obviously resonated! :)


Day 38: Today, I watched the Adobe Max conference and learned how to download brushes and insert text and images from my Creative Cloud library... the amount of joy I had was through the roof... and I had to share it...so, of course I shared it with my Creative friend, G!


Day 39: I called in sick today and the amount of Remind texts / Emails I received from my students to check in on me overwhelmed my heart... I guess you can build relationships over Zoom... at least more than I thought.

I doodled along this evening with Georgina on her #eduTGIF livestream... first time on my new iPad and I was very pleased with the product. It was also awesome to recount my experience at the Adobe Max Conference... so. much. joy.


Day 40: I am going through Courageous Edventures by Jennie Magiera with a group of my colleagues on Friday mornings... and I have to say... this text is a masterpiece. The amount of individuals who are prompted to speak up and share their learning is triple what it was in the last Book Study. So many teachers are feeling validated and I am grateful for the richness that is shared on Friday mornings now.


Day 41: I spent time outdoors today in the backyard... it had been a long time since I had gone outside... but the weather turned and it was delightful! The sun on my face felt good!


Day 42: I was able to join the FallCUE conference this year and, today, my friend, Steph R. gave a presentation titled "A Google Innovator's Journey: Growing Your Problems Into Life Changing Projects". It was an epic presentation and I found myself challenged but also so incredibly proud to be this woman's friend; her passion was evident and her message was clear. Love it!!


Day 43: This morning... my moment of joy came from that first sip of coffee. The weather has turned and so, with the windows open, it is cool and crisp in my office. That first sip of coffee slid down so smoothly and the heat radiated throughout my entire body. God Bless, Coffee! ☕️


Day 44: Had a good conversation with my mentee this AM... it seems we are both figuring some things out... I love moments of collaborative processing! :)


Day 45: Let a PD on Virtual Lesson Design and Virtual Engagement today. Felt energized after and got some good feedback. :) I love learning together with my peers.


Day 46: My student teacher led the lesson today and we used Padlet for the first time... He did an awesome job (I am so proud of him), and my kids were really engaged with the Padlet. I am excited to see if it paid off in their writing. #LessonWin


Day 47: I decided to scrap my original lesson with my Speech kids, and play "Build Your Own Jack-O-Lantern" and "Cake or Not?"... It is good to let go sometimes and just focus on the relationships.


Day 48: Participated with some #GlobalGEG friends in GISH (Great International Scavenger Hunt)... we had a lot of fun and I am proud of my team. I built some stronger connections because of it, I think.


Day 49: Went on a drive with the hubs today. We turned on a podcast, drove South until it was over, then pulled over, put on a new episode, turned around and headed back home. We don't leave our house like ever, so it was a nice little change of scenery.

We also kicked off #joyproject with @ECOpenChat today. I am excited to see how it unfolds. :)


Day 50-78: I failed big time over the month of November. I got overwhelmed and let this #joyproject go to the wayside. Instead of just giving up... I have decided to #FailForward into December.

Some highlights: I applied and was accepted as a Google Certified Trainer, I spent lots of time in my hammock, Ready Player 2 was released on Audible, My husband bought a VR Quest and that's been fun, lots of doodling, Cutie Pie (the cat) has been with us for a year now.... etc.


Day 79: I bought my angel a hammock for the window and she jumped on almost immediately after setting it all up! I love her!


Day 80: It was really good to kick off our competitions season for our site's Future Business Leaders of America organization. It was nice to see the students excited!


Day 81: Started my morning by listening to Weird Al Yankovic's "Bad Hair Day" album... There is so much nostalgia tied to this album and I quickly found out I still remember all the words to "The Night Santa Went Crazy".


Day 82: Today, I will able to present with my fellow #ECOpenChat team at the GEGAPAC conference! It was fun discussing all things #coaching!


Day 83: I was able to watch my friend, Georgina, do a session on Creativity and I was introduced to the 4-icon story! I have so much fun chatting with Mel, Pily, & Becky during the livestream!


Day 84: Today kicked off Christmas Sweater Sunday with my friend across the globe and BONUS... it was her 40th birthday!!


Day 85: I tried the 4-icon story with my students and they had a lot of fun!

Day 85 (part 2): I had a friend from the district pop in to watch me teach today and she paid me a very nice compliment!!


Day 86: Today's joy is brought to me by a tall glass of iced coffee! It gives me just the zip I need.


Day 87: This AM, I was able to have a Facetime call with my local Squad... I miss them something fierce... We haven't been able to properly hang out since May and that is a long time when you are used to having lunch with them every day!


Day 88: My students guessed what their peers' 4-icon stories were today. It was fun to see the creativity flow!


Day 89: I started my morning off with immense appreciation for my husband; he has this calming presence that grounds me. I enjoyed snuggling in bed before I had to tackle the day (don't worry, G-rated). I am a lucky woman.

I was able to be on one of my administrator's Podcast today discussing an interesting teacher-student dynamic that I think might be at play (Us vs Them)... it was fun to discuss all things education!


Day 90: I got to livestream twice today!! My morning livestream was about ALL THINGS JOY and it was amazing! I love the connections I am making!! #JoyProject


Day 91: I had a great meeting with my student teacher today. He is rounding out his initial student teaching and i am just so proud of how far he has come!


Day 92: Got a chance to talk to my students today about how proud I am of them. They have endured so much over the last nine months and I am inspired by their tenacity and endurance! I feel blessed to be their teacher today!!


Day 93: Today, my joy was watching my friend, Becky, lead the most amazing professional development. It is always inspiring to see someone talk about something they are passionate about... this woman fills my heart with joy!


Day 94: My friend, Mel, was sharing her story on an epic podcast called MyEdTechLife! I am so dang proud of her... she is so amazing and kind and epic... and doesn't ever take the spotlight... but watching her share her story filled me with joy!


Day 95: Today, I attempted to make a meringue snowman!! It was an experience... the instructions needed to be more clear... but... I had fun! #suchislife


Day 96: I ordered a bluetooth microphone on a whim and am not sorry about it! :) SOOO MUCH FUN!!!!


Day 97: I was able to have a PJ social with my friend Steph & Becky (we missed you Bonnie) and it included games and fun and laughter and all things good!


Day 98: Today during GlobalGEG staffroom, we opened gifts from our Secret Santa. Cat (who is an #epic UK friend) bought me Terry Pratchett books and a Doctor Who shirt! She even polled a variety of Terry Pratchett fans to see which books she should get me... I feel blessed!


Day 99: I woke up without an alarm today... slowly drank my coffee, sat in front of the space heater, facetimed my Mama, cuddled my cat... it is officially #WINTERBREAK and I am taking it all in.


Day 100: I launched a podcast with two other friends and it is my next joy project!

Thank you for joining me on this journey! 😊

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