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What is Yucaipa High School Photography? It’s a lab environment, it’s a place to experiment, to grow, to work through the camera to visualize the photographer’s expression deep within. Found in a small room shoved in the corner of the technology department at Yucaipa High School, 145 students feverishly working in a studio environment and in the field to produce amazing, creative, captivating images that pull and resonate. What we learn here will translate to their greater personal and professional expression. Enjoy these images and visit often.

The 2018-2019 Yucaipa High School Photography 1 course is taught by Scott Kennedy. Comments and questions can be addressed to: scott_kennedy@ycjusd.us

A1: Street Mirrors
A3: Pets and the Like
A4: Fill the Frame
A8: Clouds
A9: Coffee
A10: Car-tober
A11: The Human Hand
A12: Water bender
A14: Festival of Creativity

It is easy to take pictures. They are "taken" every second of every minute of the day. The question, when are they given?

A15: Fall Landscape
A16: Historic Redlands
A20: Rusted, Bashed, Broken and Beautiful
A21: Food Photography
A22: All Cats are Grey
A24: The Office Project
B1: Knowledge
B2: Motion Blur
B3: Small Object Timelapse


All Photos Credit: Scott Kennedy

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