Imperialism Maya LeCompte 1B

The invasion and seizure of power of a powerful state onto a weak one.

Examples of Imperialism around the World


The Spanish took over parts of South America between the 15th century and the middle of the 18th. The leaders of the conquering were called conquistadors. They were looking for gold and used the natives for their own gain. They forced them to learn their language and convert to Catholicism. Now most of the countries that were under Spanish rule speak Spanish and are predominantly Catholic.


The first time Japan conquered a land they took the north of the island in 802. In 1568 a new shogun takes control but there are a series of assassinations and a new new shogun takes control over all of the island in 1590. He then tried to invade Korea and China in 1598 but failed. They tried again in 1894 and spread a little past the border.

Great Britain

Great Britain and India traded in the 17th century and had been doing so for over a hundred years. Great Britain began to industrialize and with the growth of industry the need for inexpensive raw materials grew too. Great Britain saw India as an opportunity and seized power. India was much weaker than Great Britain and had to relinquish control. Great Britain stepped down from power in 1914. Great Britain has had a presence in Austrailia, the American colonies

The United States

Hawaii was annexed by the US in the 1890s. Hawaii and the US had a history of trade mostly with sugar. There were taxes on sugar growing in Hawaii and the Americans living there disliked it. They pushed for the annexation of Hawaii starting in 1892. Hawaii is now an American state.


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