To Kill A Mockingbird Point of View Assignment by Jenna Heacock

#1 - Going to First Purchase Church

Perspective: Calpurnia

I decided to take the children to First Purchase Church this Sunday, after a lot of begging made by Scout, while Atticus is gone at the state legislature. I’m a little worried about how everyone is going to act when they see white children in the church though. The night before, I made sure to give them a thorough bath to get all the dirt off them. I slept over on a cot that I put in the kitchen. I also had to put Scout’s dress in starch even though I knew she would hate the idea of wearing a dress, but I was going to make her. Jem came in with a green tie and a blue suit on, and I told him he can’t wear that, but he didn’t know why. Then Scout giggled and told him he was color blind. We arrived at the old church and the men made room for us to walk through and the men took off their hats. That made me glad, because then I knew that they had respect for Scout and Jem. Until I heard the voice of Lula behind me. I tensed up and I held on tighter to Scout’s shoulder. I think I might have hurt her a little. Lula proceed to ask why I brought white children in a black church. I answered her by saying that they were my company, but I made sure to talk like the rest of them or I would have heard an earful. Jem and Scout wanted to leave after Lula talked to us, but I protested and made them stay and Zeebo welcomed them here. We found our seats and I gave Jem and Scout each a dime to place in the collection bin. Jem told me he had his own, but I made them take mine. We sang a hymn by linin’ that was led by Zeebo, since there’s only about four of us that can read and write. Then Reverend Sykes shut the doors and wouldn’t open them until we had $10 to give to poor Helen Robinson. That made me nervous. Finally we had enough and we left. On the way home, Scout and I had an interesting talk that included out hymn singing and Tom Robinson.

#2 - The Mob

Perspective: Atticus

After dinner, I took an extension cord with a light bulb at the end, so I could read in the dark outside the jailhouse where they just recently moved Tom Robinson. I knew that someone was bound to come to lynch him. I took the car and as I was leaving the driveway, I had a slight feeling that Jem and Scout would show up. When I got to the jailhouse, I set up a chair and plugged in the extension cord inside. I said hi to Tom and told him not to worry. He told me to go home to my family, but I ignored him. I sat out front reading the newspaper and I was willing to sit there all night to keep Tom safe. The next thing I know, four cars drove from the highway and stopped in front of me. I instantly knew what they wanted. I folded the newspaper and laid it in my lap and waited for them to get out of their cars. Eventually, they got out and gathered around me. I told them not to wake him up, because he was asleep. I looked around the crowd and saw Walter Cunningham. I told them all to go home, because Heck Tate was close by somewhere. What I wasn’t expecting was for them to say that they sent Heck off on a wild goose chase. Out of nowhere, Scout pops out of the crowd and says hey Atticus. Jem and Dill follow her and I was part mad, but mostly relieved, because they made the reason that I was there a whole lot easier. The father in me told Jem to take Scout and Dill home. After Jem refused a few times, Scout started up a conversation with Walter Cunningham. She told him to tell his son hey and after that, Walter gave up and told the men to get back in the cars and leave. After they left, I walked home with Jem, Scout, and Dill happy that they were there, if they wouldn’t have been there, I don’t know what would have happened to me and Tom.

#3 - Dill and Scout Leave the Trial

Perspective: Dill

Part way through the trial, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had started crying and I didn’t want to be in that room anymore, so I made Scout take me outside. I could tell that she wasn’t happy about it, but I needed to get out of there for a while. We ran down the stars and Scout walked me over to the trees under the shade, because she said that the heat had gotten to me. I told Scout that I couldn’t stand the way that Mr. Gilmer was talking about Tom, when she asked me. After a short argument between Scout and I, Mr. Dolphus Raymond joined in and agreed with me. Mr. Raymond told us to come around the tree because he had something that would help my stomach feel better. He handed me his paper sack that everyone knew was filled with alcohol, but when I tasted it, it was just Coca-Cola. When Mr. Raymond laughed, Scout told me to be careful and I told her that it was Coca-Cola. Scout asked him why he didn’t tell people what he was really drinking. He claimed that it gave folks a reason why he lived the way that he lived. After we finished talking to Mr. Raymond, we went back in the courthouse and continued listening to the trial.

#4 - The Attack

Perspective: Jem

As Scout and I were walking home from the pageant, I started to hear noises. At first I thought it was Scout’s ham costume, but I realized that it couldn’t be. I kept telling Scout to stop walking and be quiet so that I could try and figure it out. She thought it might be Cecil Jacobs trying to scare us again, but when I shouted hey, no one answered. I started to walk faster and Scout kept up with my pace. The person who followed us would stop when we stopped and keep walking when we walked. It started to make me nervous, but I tried not to let it show for Scout’s sake. Once I felt it get a little colder, I knew we were under the oak tree in front of the Radley house. We both stopped, but the person following us didn’t stop until a couple seconds later and then they started running towards us. I screamed at Scout to run, but we couldn’t run fast enough. I heard Scout yelling for me to help her, I rolled towards Scout until I hit her. I pulled her up and kept my hand on her shoulder as we walked to the road. As soon as I thought we were close to the road, someone grabbed me and pulled to the ground so I fell backwards. The person bent my arm and I felt a lot of pain as I screamed and heard the sound of crunching. After my arm had been broken, I passed out and I woke up in my bed a few days later. Turns out Bob Ewell attacked us with the intention of killing us, but Boo Radley saved us and Bob fell on his knife and died.

Final Reflection

What was Mr. Crooke's purpose in creating this assignment?

Mr. Crooke’s purpose in creating this assignment is so that we can understand Atticus’s advice to Scout when he says, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view” (Lee 39). Mr. Crooke wanted us to look at things in other characters point of view, so that we can get a better feeling of what happened in the scenes that we wrote about. His purpose was also was that when you do look at someone else’s point of view, it is very different than your own point of view and you should be more understanding to other people. He also wanted us to also use this assignment as ‘practice’ for looking at other people’s point of view in real life situations. Another purpose was to show us how looking at another person’s point of view can bring new light into a situation that you see or participate in. We can better understand how other people feel if we look at another person’s point of view.

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