Summer 2019 IT Project Management intern

I knew that I really wanted to work for a company that believes in a mission, and I liked Adobe's mission of fostering creativity.

My Journey!

When I was first told about my project I didn’t really understand the impact it was going to have, then I started working on it more, and realised this was going to be part of a massive acquisition. It was a powerful moment for me, I was surprised by the level of responsibility I was given, especially so early on in my internship.

Summer Project

  • Team: IT M&A
  • Department: Cloud Tech

Description: My summer project was to create an IT Mergers and Acquisition playbook which will be a prescriptive guide that documents,

  • Tasks that are necessary to integrate new IT systems based on the deal parameters,
  • Discovery of Painpoints encountered during acquisitions
  • Suggestions to improve the processes involved during acquisitions and
  • Identify potential IT risks

Problem Statement: 25% of typical M&A integration efforts come from IT, and more than half of all integration activities are strongly dependent on IT. Hence it was imperative to create a repeatable framework of the processes involved to integrate the IT infrastructure to Adobe standards.

Impact: The Playbook has been incorporated into Adobe systems and will eventually be used as a guide to future acquisitions.

Words of Appreciation!

"Aishwarya was our intern for the summer of 2019. She was able to assess the M&A process quickly through interviews and wrote our Day 2 playbook currently being used. I highly recommend Aishwarya to those looking for someone with M&A and Financial management experience" - Greg E. Milton (Engineering Program Manager)
"Aishwarya was a great addition to our team for the summer. I had the pleasure of mentoring her and working closely with her to develop a repeatable framework for our M&A efforts. She was always enthusiastic about learning and embracing our company/team culture. It was refreshing to witness her go-getter attitude and creativity" - Joanna Chang ( Program Manager)

Key Highlights

Round Table with Executives - It felt surreal to be interacting with executives who quite literally have been changing the world through digital experiences. It was inspiring to hear their #AdobeJourney.

Red Cross Mapathon - A humanitarian project where I helped preemptively maps parts of the world that are vulnerable to natural disasters, conflicts, and disease epidemics.

Intern Project(Bright idea) Virtual Expo - The Intern expo was so important because it forced me to think of what I did this summer in terms of impact and to really begin to evaluate what I learned. It’s also an amazing experience to be able to articulate what you did to people outside of your organization.

Adobe Products Experience Session - This was an opportunity for me to develop new professional relationships, meet new friends, gain knowledge and become more proficient in Adobe products

I feel creatively inspired from my summer at Adobe!
I fell in love with Adobe, not just because of the company itself, but the people who really made me feel at home. The amount of people who were so willing to pour as much knowledge into me was overwhelming!
I’ve learned so much at Adobe. From different viewpoints and the diverse cultures of people to the skills and knowledge I gained by working for one of the best companies in the world. The work culture is definitely one major thing I will miss from my summer here along with seeing all of the cool new projects Adobe is working on!
Adobe Life!

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