Морские дьяволы Max Grechanyy

Once upon a time there was a Sargent named ума and she was cleaning her house and while she was cleaning and then she got a call from her friend мура who was aslo a lieutenant in the same force. She said to meet her at a bar. Everyday she goes and saves the world and helps people in need. She loves what she does because everyone in her family were in the army. But,one day when they were in the bar they meet a guy named Daniel. He took them to the basement were there was a fight. Daniel was in the fight and he needed help,so ума tried to help but another women took her and put her in the cage.

Ума did not want to fight but the women hit her so she started to fight, and when they were fighting someone recorded it and posted it on the internet. The captains saw the video and said that she is to put her badge on the desk and told her to go and pack her stuff.

She goes and starts to pack her bags and she was in the worst mood. She got home and forgot her phone and so she goes to get her phone. Because of that someone kidnnaped her. So the team that she worked for went to help her.

Until finally they found her and saved her ,and she was then later put back on the team.

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