Westward This is what a covered wagon looks like.

The purpose for moving West is because California hit a Gold rush and settlers came from all over to try to get gold. If they found gold they would stay there and build houses,at the same time they would drive out the Native Americans and force them off their land.

Native American

Where are 3 things that are good about traveling to Oregon.

  • Make a new life in Oregon.
  • Possible find gold and be rich
  • Find good land and start a new life.

Here are 3 bad things that happen when traveling to Oregon

  • Settlers would sink in the mud as they traveled
  • If the wagon was to full some of the family members would have to walk.
  • The land was dry,the journey was hot.
The Oregon Trail

When settlers came across the natives they would make them leave and hunt for food elsewhere. When they did this the natives thought that they could hunt for food on the same land,but the settlers thought they were better. So they drove the natives out of their land to build their structures.

The life on the trail was different from when they where home because,when they were home they didn't walk all over the place and they didn't have to worry about the mud and diseases.

The Oregon trail.

People knew where to go by following the trail. They also found their way by people helping them along the way. They had something like a map.

one interesting fact is that some of the family members had to walk the entire way.


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