Craig Cooney is a 25 year old songwriter from Kildare. He has been writing and recording music since 2018. He decided to record music professionaly when he uploaded a freestyle rap video to Facebook which amassed over 187,000 views worldwide. Since then Craig has performed in the Olympia Theatre alongside Gavin James, Chasing Abbey, Soule, Wild Youth and Wyvern Lingo. Won the musicians category in the nationwide "Talent Nation" competition and has recently just come off his first headline show held in the Workmans Club in Dublin. Craig quickly made a name for himself in the music scene with his heartfelt lyrics, unique tone and variety of songs in his catalogue. He is described as a universal artist that anybody can listen to. Only recently Craig has been signed to Fluttertone, this means that we can definitely expect to see a lot of things in the near future with them working so close together. His live performances are truly unique and unmatched, his ability to involve a crowd with his quick fire freestyles have amazed people every time he performs live, the type of artist that really takes viewers on a journey during his live sets.

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Craig want's to show people his versatility and strives for each song to tell a different story, strike a different emotion and show his unique styles and techniques while sticking with truthful lyrics. His second release was a collaboration with Dublin based rapper Deanie. This collaboration was a hit with viewers and listeners with a very catchy chorus. Again this track was recorded, mixed and mastered at Wave Recording Studios and the Video was captured by Wilsain Media. They shot they video in one day in the Tivoli Theatre car park and areas throughout Dublin City Centre. The song accumulated over 6K Views on Youtube and over 25K on Facebook since the time of writing. Streams are rising every day on Spotify quickly with listeners from all around the world. It has also been featured on Playlists on Spotify too.

Gigs & Shows

Poster from Craigs Headline in Show.

Feel free to read the article below kindly written by Dublin Live covering he details for Craig's Headline show held in the Workmans Club.

FM104's THE GIG in aid of the ISPCC

Craig was chosen by Fm104 as the opening act for the hugely popular annual Gig in aid of the ISPCC. They were very impressed with his performance and how he interacted with the crowd. The show turned out to be a massive success. The Gig generally raises upwards of 50,000 euro. Craig performed alongside Gavin James, Wild Youth, Chasing Abbey, Soule and Wyvern Lingo.

Craig supported Frankie Beats (Mixcloud Radio Awards Winner of the Best Radio Show 2018) he has also been featured on Frankie Beats Playlists on both Spotify & Apple Music.

Kiss Fm

Craig was the opening/supporting act for the Headline Mack Fleetwood at Duke Fest Open Air Show in Maynooth.

Dukefest Promotional Poster

Craig is a big supporter of Charities and Organisations and wants to use his platform to spread awareness about Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, Sepsis awareness and more. Craig performed at the LIL RED event in memory of Sean "Lil Red" Hughes, who sadly passed away from Sepsis.

Craig recently supported at a show for Darkness into Light Mullingar. He played his songs Time Will Heal & his latest release "Proud" written especially for Brighter Thoughts Ireland, an organisation that aims to reduce suicide in young teenagers and end the stigma. Brighter Thoughts Ireland and Craig Cooney work very closely to support teenagers who may be going through difficult times and dealing with mental health issues.

Darkness Into Light Mullingar

This release is by far Craigs favorite one to date, titled "Proud". It is a feel good motivational track that would really get you pumped, but at the same time can be just as captivating in a chilled out environment. Danny Byrne is the featured artist on the track and really grabs the listeners ears with his powerful, yet soft voice. "The song is about realizing you have to put in the work in order to achieve something in life, taking it in your stride and continuing to push your limits to reach that desired goal, while making the ones that matter most to you proud" says Craig. His emotion can be heard in the lyrics of the verses, expressing pain, passion and determination. The video was shot in SBG D24 by Wilsain Media, and they really delivered. The video was captured and edited by Ciaran Casey exceptionally. Amateur Welterweight Champion Nate Enright stars in the video alongside MMA prospect Mikey Byrne to show viewers the trials and tribulations of putting in the work that's required in order to achieve in whatever you do in life. It truly is a song everybody can relate to. Wave Recording Studios, produced mixed and mastered the track perfectly to really grab the listeners attention as they can hear the emotion in every word that is spoken all whilst managing the levels of the beat beautifully. This track is available on all streaming platforms and is definitely a fan favourite.

Craigs latest collaboration is titled "Incredible" featuring Rejoice Love. Written solely by Craig. Craigs girlfriend Amy Roche was shopping in the city centre when she spotted Rejoice busking on a street. Amy approached her and asked Rejoice would she be interested in collaborating with Craig. That evening Craig wrote "Incredible". Originally he wrote the opening lyrics on Anxiety hense the lyrics "People come and go I spoke it all before - this is a reference to his first release "Time Will Heal" , The days seem so long but the nights are going slow I, Dim the lights low i try to take control" these are lyrics based on the struggle of Anxiety and Sleepless Nights. When he showed his partner the lyrics she pictured the song to have a very slow , sexy vibe to it. When penning the rest of the lyrics Craig wrote the song about his partner Amy, she is extremely influential to Craigs sound and plays a massive part in his music , whilst raising their children, hence the title "Incredible" as this is how he sees her. This video was shot in Dublin City Centre and again, directed and edited by Wilsain Media and recorded mixed and mastered at Wave Recording Studios. It stars the very talented dancer Ava Fitzsimons.

Latest Freestyle

For those that don't know what freestyling is, It's basically when the artist "spits" a verse or bars off the top of the head usually based on surroundings or given topics etc unlike rehearsed songs this can be very challenging for the artist but when done right can be a massive help to grab attention, control the crowd and get massive engagement. Craig is well known for his freestyle ability and freestyles at all of his gigs. Feedback has always been positive and people have been known to travel from all over Ireland to see Craig freestyle. His latest freestyle was in his kitchen and got him lots of attention.

This video contains Explicit Lyrics.

The Video below is a Freestyle where Craigs friend Alex suggested words for him to rap about.

Radio Appearances

On Monday April 22nd 2019 Craig was invited by FM104 to do a live interview, discuss his music and do a freestyle live on air. This was a huge achievement for Craig with FM104 being a very reputable radio station in Dublin. They were very impressed and invited Craig in for many interviews since then and have announced when he is playing shows.

Craigs tracks are regularly played on Kildares KFM.


Craig was interviewed by the Kildare Nationalist when he got through to the Semi-Final of the Talent Nation Competition, where the winner will take home 10,000 euro. Since the time of writing Craig is now in the Final which will take place on the 2nd of October.

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Captured by Sean Leslie Photography
Captured by Sniper Design
Captured by Sean Leslie Photography
Captured by Sniper Design

Contacts Details

E-mail Address: Craig.cooney.cc@gmail.com

Phone Number : 087-4133680

Thank You

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you reading my Press Pack. I really hope you enjoyed it and understand more about myself as an Artist. Should you want to find out any more information about me please do not hesitate to contact me through one of the methods listed above.


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