AM I HIRED?® Supporting student employability through enhanced social media profiles Andy Beggan & Ben Atkinson | The University of Lincoln


  1. Background
  2. Why?
  3. Challenges
  4. Demonstration
  5. Impact
  6. Next steps

Graduate Intern Project: Devise a campaign to promote responsible use & enhance the digital capabilities of students using social media

Original proposal Dec 2016

Development began in-house June 2016

Steered with input of Careers, SU, Student Services, ICT and Library

Soft launched October 2017

Promoted through Careers Centre at Lincoln, Jan – Sept 2018... helped to inform specific social media workshop support for AY18/19

First outreach project with Lincolnshire secondary school, June – July 2018

Full launch September 2018


Is Online Invisibility a Good Thing?

Sixty percent of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates (in 2016)
More than a quarter of employers have found content online that has caused them to reprimand or fire an employee

Source: CareerBuilder

Targeted at enhancing student employability and develop a positive social media profile

More than just promoting security and privacy

AM I HIRED?® encourages users to reflect on what is available and promotes positive choices.

Why Not Just Google?

Blended learning tool, used in combination with career support and advice...

....promoted in combination with 'Google Yourself'

Delves deeper into specific social media use to promote greater awareness of what is and isn't public


Taking Privacy Seriously

GDPR... Klaxon!

Identifying publicly available personal data?

Social Media API restrictions

Wizard workflow and user confidence


No data is stored locally and only available during session

Encourage use of incognito mode or private browsing

Protected by SSL and other web-security certificates


Available from VLE (BlackBoard) and promoted via Career Services

Embedded with employability modules


Focus has been on a personal development tool

Embedded support and advice for students, with links back to Careers Service

Designed to be responsive and work across mobile and desktop devices

User behaviour: identifying in advance risky content and deliberately not connecting these sites


Successfully featured as part of several careers focused modules across the University

The students seemed confident that they were aware of their settings and didn’t feel like this provided them with anything new. However myself and their module leader gave them individual reviews and highlighted potential problem areas, such as; inappropriate clothing, beach shots, political party messages, inappropriate comments about university and students who had their accounts locked down so much that nothing came up. This led onto a wider conversation about unconscious bias, employer expectations and how to curate your own social media presence to your advantage.

Media Production Students

The students were shocked by their results and many of them started deleting posts. Some students even decided to deleted their whole account and start again with their career in mind. These students also used it to test different social media platforms for portfolio careers e.g. an artist who will have a separate account for their art work and may use other accounts such as LinkedIn for their career as a curator.

Fine Art Students

Many of the students who did use it were shocked by their results... I have worked with this same cohort since this session on their career planning and SWOT analysis and a lot of them reflected on how useful they found it and how they have now started to develop social media strategies related to their career areas, this was especially the case for the students who are considering starting their own companies as they will be using social media for promotion.

Drama, Fashion and Music


Nearly 5K page views with 1.5K returning users

Average time spent on site is just over 4 minutes

Over 1.3K visits come via Blackboard (Careers page and banner promotion)

Facebook is the most connected social media platform at 82%...

...followed by Twitter at 71%...

...connecting a blog is the most skipped.

Next Steps

Institutional rollout 2018

Available for individual use externally

Evaluate impact and monitor engagement with school pilot

Review workflows

@AndyBeggan & @batkinsonfoster



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