Rocky's Rocking Blog one rocks adventure through the rock cycle

day one Today I bravely ( more like got shot out) of a volcano into the world. I had transformed from magma to an independent IGNEOUS ROCK!!!!!!! I came out as a lovely, rugged, handsome (wink wink), dusty gray piece of pumice. Instead of being like the cowards inside, I am extrusive instead of a cowardly intrusive. I AM READY FOR THE WIDE WORLD!!!!!

day twenty-eight Today some action actually happened! There was a huge storm that started to wear away at me (weathered me) and then I started rolling down the mountain! I rolled into a river and it started to carry me away to the ocean, I think (eroded me). The Atlantic maybe?

day 30 Today i got dropped by the river into the ocean. Some near by rocks who also came from the river told me it was in fact the Atlantic. I still have bruises from where I abruptly fell. Some of the older rocks told me that soon we would start the process into being sedimentary rocks. Here's a picture I took of a sea-snail that was crawling over my friend.

Sea-snail Albert (thats what I named him)

day thirty-five today I am currently squished and am starting to compact and cement. Apparently its effecting my computer too, so my words look like italics, sorry! I tried to take a picture of a cave i was a part of for a couple of days.

day fifty Today I finally emerged to the surface as an sedimentary rock! I am a clastic sandstone, fresh and beeeaaauuuutiful! I now know from other rocks that I am almost through the amazing process of the rock cycle!

day 75 Today I am not happy. I got pooped on by a bird. Now I stink and look ugly. Why has this happened to me?!?!? Also on a lower note, I have started to be pushed down and morphed by heat and pressure.

day 90 I have pushed, pulled, melted, and squashed and now I am finally a metamorphic rock! A Gneiss to be exact. I have layers upon layers or green, blue, and red stripes. I have very small crystals in the layers.

DAY 100 Today I was picked up by a human. They put me in their pocket and took me home. Now I am in their dresser with other rocks. This is the end of my blog! BYEEEEEEE


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