Carving By lucas s.

What really insipred me to do this is when my friend started playing Smash Brothers. The idea is derived from their logo. I appropriated the image by adding my name on to it. I searched google to find inspiration.

The positioning of the logo is very important when carving well. In order to get my logo ready for carving, I prepared it in Easel first. In Easel, I changed the x, y, and z to appropriate numbers.

My project turned out pretty well actually. A lot better than I expected. I am mostly proud of my name on the logo. It looks sharp. The project was not that difficult except for the part when I was changing the font.

The carvey machine works in circles carving for a very long time depending on what shape you are doing. It is moving in circles. To clean up all the little particles, I used a vacuum.

What I really didnt expect is for the drill to go off the area of the material. What I learned is that the carvey machine is a really innovative product.

This was one of the funnest projects I have ever done.

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