Silent Hill vol.2

My project_2 is an extending scene of project_1, which shows an secrete tunnel inside the mountain landscape

At the end side of the tunnel, it has a portal connect to the next scene ( if it has )

The portal is guarded by several creatures who live in this cave

And a revolving fire gate, only selected hero and a thousand years old antique whale can pass through the gate

This antique whale covers by red and withered skin, is the emissary of the god

The emissary fly in and out spread the hope and happiness to the resident on the upper landscape

The wolf is a cool guy.......😼

What I learn in this project

I start to use particle system in this project and it is very strong tools to increase atmosphere especially after we learn how to make animation in Unity. Based on particle's physical properties we can add animation them and get inertia effect and this is how I make the revolving fire portal.

Next step

Next step I plan to add more animations and interaction trigger to the scene before we connect to the vive. Like grab stone and throw to the creatures, using destroy () function and if statement to simulate the fighting scenario, And use state machine to separate friendly creatures and harmful ones. If player hurts the friendly creatures like deers, he/her will be killed by god. Using animation tools in Maya to make couples of creatures walk. And add some scripts to the controller's touch pad to make player can use controller to move without teleport.

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