Building a Bridge Through Shuttles Bridging the age gap in the church one ride at a time

Created by Sophie Webb

Many freshman at Liberty University desire to be involved in a local church to call home, but do not have the transportation to ACCOMPLISH this.

Because of this, local churches should dispatch vehicles weekly, allowing for many students to acquire the involvement being sought in this season of life.

This proposed shuttle service will not only aid students who do not have transportation with the opportunity to find a church home, but it will also minister to the hearts of these students, therefore leading them closer to God.

These students will have the opportunity to tangibly see the hands and feet of Christ at work within the local church, by being served by the church, and within their individual lives, by attending church.

In this time of wrestling through beliefs, these students need to see an expression of Christ’s love to help remind them of why they believe what they have chosen to believe, and encouragement to keep pursing their relationship with God.

These shuttles will not only provide vital transportation, but it will provide an opportunity for involvement.

Connection and relationships, with both God and other believers, are vital for a thriving faith.


Created with images by The Knowles Gallery - "Lapwai Church Mission" • Transportphoto - "bus bova futura bova"

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