Battle of Midway A Justin patin production

The Battle of Midway took place on June 4, 1942. It had only last three days and was comprised of the United States forces attacking the empire of Japan. Many feel that the were pursuing a certain revenge due to the effects of Pearl Harbor prior to Midway. The battle was evolved around the efforts of aerial attack as well as multiple naval attacks on the Japanese Empire. Though the battle was only a mere three days, the date should always been remembered due to its role taken in the War in the Pacific.
A key component that was rarely mentioned during the three days of the battle was the use of U.S. Navy Intelligence. The decoding efforts of U.S. Naval forces led to the discovery of Japanese Naval plans. As shown in the picture below, Station Hypo, also know as Fleet Radio Unit Pacific was the team of U.S. signal intelligence analysts led by Commander Joseph "Joe" Rochefort. What made this team so impressive was they immediately began there efforts of decoding messages directly after Pearl Harbor. The early decoding efforts came of major success as the United States assessed that the Japanese Naval forces were planning major operations against the central Pacific and Aleutians.
Photo of U.S. Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) team Station Hypo
The Man Behind the Plan

Commander Rochefort devised a plan that tricked the Japanese Naval forces into thinking the United States sent a fake message stating that there were broken water evaporator units on the island. Soon after sending the improvised messages, the United States intercepted transmissions from the Japanese mentioning the water shortage and the need to resupply extra water for their operation. Rochefort helped expose the identity of Japanese forces and control Midway.

The Battle of Midway was a pivotal point in United States history. It was a statement to of revenge and well executed warfare. From the horrific events leading up to Pearl Harbor, the United States found a way to bounce back from adversity and show a command of dominance to Japan. Below are a few of the many events that occurred throughout the three days of control over Midway Island

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