should there have been camps for Japanese americans? By: Joshua Joyner

The cause of camps

During this time period Japanese citizens were migrating over to the west coast of the United States here they settled and mainly took jobs as farmers and fisherman. You could see many Japanese boats for fishing in western ports and tension was relatively mild. But there were to many coming over and white workers were afraid for their jobs so U.S congress pressured the Japanese congress to limit immigration as referenced in the first document. Then an attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 caused the whole nation to change its views and ideas of Japanese Americans

Who supported this idea

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor many American citizens felt that they were being invaded along with military individuals who felt that the Japanese citizens that were already here could start an uprising and attack. They wanted them in camps and separated from the populous. The general of the west coast military camp was a strong supporter of the idea of having camps set up for Japanese Americans as confirmed by document 1

Opposition against the idea

There were many against the idea of internment camps but none as strong as the Japanese Americans themselves who tried pleading their loyalty to America by trying to help in the war effort by being farmers and working in factories but the racism and fear got to the minds of too many and congress passed the construction and deportation of all Japanese citizens no matter what there decent to interment camps

Camp life

Many camps were built throughout the west coast and mid-west in states like California, Arizona, North and South Dakota, Idaho, and even Arkansas. Life in these camps were not the best they were cramped, filthy, and the guards were not the nicest to the Japanese captives.

So what do I think?

War is a difficult time on every person of every race it affects individuals differently and cause many kinds of reactions from people. As for me I feel that maybe we might've gone a little too far as to putting people in camps and holding them against their will it isn't right i would rather suggest that they should be allowed to work and show that they are not the enemy.

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