The Rise of eSports Competitive gaming and its money

Introducing the New Wave of Competition

Electronic sports competition is serious business for those that participate. Just like any other sport, the competitive drive to exceed perfection is within every single professional gamer. Throughout the slides, you’ll notice the ubiquitous impact of gaming. Starting as an amateur to a professional, gaming has its reward as you progress your skills. Without the dedication and perseverance, do not expect to be at the top all the time, as others are willing to sacrifice it all for that position. To those who are interested in competitive gaming, it will be easy to notice how the idea of gaming is just like any other. Anyone who has the aspirations to become a professional, should realize that it is possible. Gaming will always be seen as a waste of time by many individuals, however those who deny the achievable successes are missing out on the infinite opportunities that exist within our generation.

Any individual who is devoted into making something out of themselves will eventually comprehend the aspects of ensuring greatness. Anyone who is willing to join the competitive gaming community should know that your surround system is what’s going to get you going. If no one is willing to push you towards your goal, then who will be there for you when need someone to count on? Good intentions will always guarantee someone the will to pursue. The presented slides surely depict the surprising growth eSports has attained ever since it was just an idea that came to mind.

In order for the presented idea of professional gaming to be taken seriously, interpreting a specific individual who rose to fame should be proclaimed with the methods on how he did it. To be personally impacted by someone else's motives, one should consider the reason why he did what he did. That is the case with the young prodigy Dillon Price. The inspirations Price sends out is inevitable, and because of that, many want to follow his footsteps into becoming a professional Call of Duty player. Being inspired is a drive that is incomparable, and without a doubt, anyone can achieve whatever it is they want. As long as one implements optimism within them, success will be earned. Despite many being unfamiliar with eSports gaming, it is important to understand the impacts it has on society as well as the real world as there is no longer a limit to the potential successes one may accomplish.

Consequently, professional gaming has exploded profoundly within the recent years. Underestimating the whole idea of it reveals how much of an important the eSports community is, and how it can continue to pursue. It is time to allocate the credit these gamers deserve for their tremendous amount of practice and their inspirations they distribute to their fans. Participants of the competitive scene will continue to progress despite the negativity they receive. By doing so, the new wave of generations will no longer have to reconsider the opportunities that can be attained with the technology we possess throughout our daily lives.

Short Story

Dillon Price seemingly never thought that one day he would become a professional Call of Duty player by his 18th birthday. It was all an idea that came to him from a buddy that was on his baseball travel team. Being a kid, playing video games is all that matters to them because it brings joy and excitement. Who knew that becoming a professional gamer was an attainable accomplishment at such a young age? The passion that is built around these professionals gamers is what motivates young individuals to follow their dreams. By doing so, it neglects the detrimental comments people impose on the idea of eSports and its popularity it is achieving. Dillon Price is one of the youngest professional Call of Duty players to win a championship at 18 years old. Being a senior at Moorpark High School and a professional Call of Duty player like Dillon is a dream come to true like no other. When he's not at school, he is most likely traveling the country or around the world competing with his team.

Denial eSports (a professional Call of Duty team) wins the Call of Duty Championship event that was held in Los Angeles in 2015.


Professional gaming, other words known as eSports, is a global phenomenon that has taken into storm with many individuals participating. Despite the controversies on accepting it as a real sport, the whole gaming community keeps on elevating with its talent and passionate drive to succeed in what they do best. Electronic Sports competitions should no longer be silenced by the majority. The efforts these gamers make is impeccable, and with or without the support, they strive with so much versatility. There is no looking back now, eSports will continuously grow with more and more people participating in this new era of competition.

ESPN article features former Seahawks football runningback Marshawn Lynch for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Professional athletes support and agree with the impact eSports has on our generation. Without a doubt, it surely has expanded the opportunities that exist.

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