Cleto Rodriguez By:Hannah Hallett


Cleto Rodriguez was born in April 26, 1923. Cleto Rodriguez lived in San Marcos. when he was a boy he at worked Gunter hotel. Cleto was nine when his parents died, Cleto was forced to move to San Antonio with his other family.

WORLD WAR 11 (2)

February 9, 1945 Cleto was ordered to watch over the Paco railroad station that was being held by the Japanese. The Japanese were going into attack mode. Cleto and his partner Reese were forced to attack. The two partners together almost killed 120 Japanese soldiers. On the back to the platoon Reese was killed!! Single handily Cleto killed nine Japanese soldiers. The bravery of Cleto and Reese got them both the medal of honor!!!!


  • Awards: Medal of Honor, Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple heart
  • Wars: World War 11 (2)
  • Allegiance: United states of america
  • Years of service: 1944-1954
  • Branch: U.S. army and U.S. air force
  • Rank: Master Sargent
  • Married to MS. Flora Muniz
  • Place of Burial: Sam Houston
  • Death: December 7, 1990 at the age 67


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