Capital Punishment The death penalty!!!

What is Capital Punishment? What are the methods of capital punishment? How is Capital punishment defined in law? What makes the death penalty so controversial?

What is Capital punishment?

According to the Salem Press Encyclopedia, it is an "Execution of defendants convicted of capital crimes." Continuing today, the death penalty is used to punish for murder, but has also been used to punish; "treason, espionage, large scale drug trafficking, and attempted murder of officers, witnesses, or jurors in cases involving continuing criminal enterprises" (Salem Press Encyclopedia,2016).

Lethal Injection

Electric Chair

Gas Chamber

Methods date back to 18th century B.C. This is when some of the first recordings of capital punishment were recorded. The code of King Hammurabi of Babylon punished 25 different crimes by death.

Who decides what crimes are punishable by the death penalty?

There are different laws for different areas. As well as different people making and enforcing the laws. How can Death of another be so "up in the air?"

Death Penalty? or no Death Penalty?

(Red) Retentionist countries: 56 (Brown) Abolitionist in practice countries (have not executed anyone during the last 10 years and are believed to have a policy or established practice of not carrying out executions): 30 (Light Green) Abolitionist countries except for crimes committed under exceptional circumstances (such as crimes committed in wartime): 6 Abolitionist countries (Dark Green) : 103


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