The Final Hour By Molotov Solution


2011 | Metal

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“Destitute of common knowledge and deprived of unchained life. -- This struggle ends tonight. -- We have broken our bonds and abolished the chains that bind our guarded minds. -- This struggle ends tonight.”


  • Molotov Solution is an American deathcore band from Las Vegas, they are notable for their politically charged lyrics, including themes of government conspiracy and world issues.
  • Insurrection is the only Molotov Solution album to feature guitarist Richie Gomez, bassist Shane Slade and drummer Jacob Durrett.
  • Insurrection is the last release from Molotov Solution.


Luke Tatum

Songs that insinuate the state is the source of all evil typically get high marks from me, and this is no exception. It's a little heavier than what I typically listen to from day to day, but there's still a lot to love here. "You have been waiting in the shadows since the beginning of time. You have infiltrated every aspect of our meaningless lives." Government certainly fits the bill, eh? Not a day goes by without more legal encroachments on human freedom. It's all done for our own good, but--as our good buddy Milton Friedman said--"There is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program."

Sherry Voluntary

OH, more delightful unintelligible growling! I think I’ve finally gotten too old. Anyways, This song is about violent revolution. I’ve written many times that I think violence should be the absolute very last resort, but the fact is that appropriate defensive violence IS a solution. We should never forget that. I just hope it’s one we never actually have to use.

Nicky P

One of the things I find difficult to get behind is the whole violent insurrection thing. Pains sucks and moreover I have no interest in putting my daughter through that. I'm sure there are plenty of libertarians chomping at the bit to bring on the final conflict but that sounds like more war. I'm of a mind that more war will hardly teach the lessons of peace to the next generation. The big thing this song obviously gets right is laying out that we're enslaved by those in charge. I'll try to show the truth to as many as will listen but I'll try to keep people from taking up arms unless necessary. Sadly it seems like people are determined to take things to that point.

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Nicky P

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