Father Charles Becker Honoring #HeroPriests

Submitted by: Carol Ruzich

Fr. Becker’s daily YouTube scripture and reflections are helping me stay positive and focused on my walk with Jesus. Rather than becoming scared or discouraged during this difficult time of Covid 19 Father’s reflections help me each day know and experience God the Father's love for us. To remember to - Be Not Afraid.

Through Fr. Becker's sharing I have learned so much more about Scripture, church history, and Tradition which has given me a desire to spend more time in prayer reading scripture, the catechism and the lives of the saints. This has taken my love and appreciation for our Catholic church to a new level.

This week I joined Fr. Becker’s Zoom rosary; it was so lovely to pray the rosary in community again. I pray this pandemic ends soon and give thanks for the many wonderful priests who like Fr. Charlie Becker are finding ways to bring our Catholic family together in the safety of our homes, and to not feel so alone.

At a time when others seem to be losing faith, the Holy Spirit is renewing mine through Fr. Becker. Each day Father Becker takes the time to guide and love God people, helping us to feel embraced and not alone.

May the Holy Spirit guide, protect and embrace all priests. Thank you to all priests and deacons for your yes to serving God's people.